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A note about field day!

From Mrs. Spedden;
Field Day is Friday, May 12th!  Thank you very much for all the people who already committed to helping out at field day.  Unfortunately, we do not have as many helpers as we need to have a successful day.  If you can help, please e-mail Brenda Spedden at brendaspedden@tomballisd.net. We are needing help from 8:30am-11:15am and 12:30pm-3:15pm.  Thank you.

Week of 4-3-17

*Chick-fil-a Spirit Night 5:30-7:30 next Monday, April 10th
In Math this week we are taking the district Math Benchmark.  This test will cover all concepts taught this year.  We will count this test as a daily grade and we will review beforehand in class. There will be no homework this week. Students will continue learning about mass and capacity as well. 
In Science this week, we will continue to talk about plant and animal adaptations.  We will also talk about inherited traits and learned behaviors.  

Week of 3-27-17

Math: we will review area and perimeter at the beginning of the week. Students will start learning about capacity midweek. Students will be expected to choose the best measurement unit for various items. 
Science: continue learning about animal and plant adaptations. 
Our timed division test will be on Thursday this week due to the field trip on Friday. I am sending home a practice timed test today as part of the homework, Students are given 2 minutes to complete them in class. 

Welcome Back! Week of 3-21-17

Welcome back!
This week we will tackle a hard skill... elapsed time! Students will have a brief refresher course on telling time (they should already know how to do this) and then we will dive into figuring out elapsed time (how much time has passed) 
In science we will review weather tools and vocabulary and then start learning about animal structures and adaptations! 
Please be on the look out for information about our field trip in the Wednesday folder. We are going to TGR Exotics in Spring, Tx. Some classes will go on Thursday the 30th of March and others will go on Friday the 31st. The cost is $7 per student. 

Week of 2-27-17

 Dr. Seuss Week will be celebrated next week. Students may choose to participate according to the schedule below. 
Monday: Silly or mismatched socks
Tuesday: wear green 
Wednesday: mismatched clothes, backwards or inside out
Thursday: dress like your favorite Seuss character
Friday: wear your favorite hat.
Please pay or send pictures back to school by March 3rd
You could;
Return the complete packet (NO MONEY).
Return a partial packet (Partial Payment with pictures being returned)
Or keep all the pictures (JUST MONEY)
Math: 2D and 3D shapes. Students will be working on geometry concepts including vocabulary (vertices, sides, edges, base, face, polygon, parallel etc.)
On Friday students will take a timed test over mixed multiplication facts.
Science: Students will create a slideshow in class using facts they've collected about planets. At the end of the week we will explore the how the water cycle is effected by the sun. 

Week of 2-20

Math: We will be learning all about quadrilaterals this week. Students will learn to use attributes to recognize rhombuses, parallelograms, trapezoids, rectangles, and squares. They will also have to draw examples of quadrilaterals that do not belong to any of these subcategories.
Math facts: the test on Friday will cover x7 facts. Click below for games to practice.
Car Wash - choose level 7
Science: Students will continue learning planet facts. We will explain the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun. Students will create a planet slideshow at the end of the week. This will count as a test grade and will be completed in class. 

Week of 2-13-17

Valentine Party Tuesday {2-14} at 2:45 in our classroom. Students will make a pocket/bag in class on Monday. 
Run Wild at the Creek packets will come home this Wednesday. To get the party started, we'll have a fundraiser that day during school and Marco's Pizza Night.. 15% of any pizza's ordered that night will come back to WCES.
Math: Review basic computation including subtraction with regrouping, 2 digit multiplication and division. On Thursday we will take a timed test (x9) and a quiz over the above skills. 
Science: Facts about planets in our solar system. 

Week of 2-6-17

Picture day is this Tuesday. Students will take individual pictures as well as a class photo.
A class list will come home in the Wednesday folder as well as a letter from our homeroom mom. Please look for the letter and donate items for our party if possible! Students will be given a bag to decorate at school to hold their valentine cards. 
We will have a Fraction Test on Friday (2-10) as well as a timed test. The timed test will cover x3, x6, x4, and x8 facts. 
Math: Fractions, fractions and more fractions! Students will practicing naming fractions, locating fractions on a number line, comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Look for a test review/homework page to come home on Tuesday. 
Science: On Monday we will learn about the sun. Later in the week we will start learning about each planet in our solar system. Students will learn the order of the planets in relation to the sun.

Week of 1-30-17

** Family Education Night Tuesday (1-31) from 6pm - 7pm **
Math: our timed test this Friday will be x8. Please practice nightly. These are the most challenging facts to learn!
We are working on comparing fractions using pictorial models. Students DO NOT need to know how to reduce fractions or find common denominators. Every fraction compared will either have the same denominator or the same numerator and will have a pictorial representation. 
Students will continue practicing naming fractions and finding fractions on a number line. 
Science: We are still discussing soil and natural resources. Wednesday we will have a test review and Thursday we will take our unit 8 test. Please look for the study guide posted above. 

Week of 1-16-17

A note from PTO:

Willow Creek Yearbook Ordering Deadline - THIS FRIDAY January 20th!

Don't miss out!  Order your yearbook today by going to Balfour.com and type in our school's name.

Or you can send cash / check to school with your child addressed to Willow Creek Elementary.  Please include a note with your child's name and teacher with the cash / check.

$25 per yearbook.


Math: Division test Wednesday. Thursday and I Friday we will start our new unit on fractions. 

Friday's timed test will cover x3 and x6 facts

Science: Natural and man-made resources. 

Week of 1-9-17

Math: relating division to multiplication. If I am trying to solve 16 / 2, I can think "2 times ?? = 16"
Timed test this Friday - 0 x 6  through 10 x 6, next week will be times 6 and times 3. 
Science: All about soil! We are learning about soil layers and types of soil. Next week will will focus on natural resources and soil conservation.