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This is my 9th  year in Tomball. I love the job I have. I have been teaching  for  18 years 
and all my students are so special in my heart. I have two children. 
 Madison is in 7th grade and Willowood and I miss not having her here at  Willowcreek. 
 I also have a 4th grader who brightens up my day when I see her walking in  the  halls. 
She is a big helper with my students and has a very special heart for  my  students.
 I have 4 dogs. Scooby the beagle who is lazy and sleeps all day.
 Emma my baby  princess pug who is 4 years old and our 2 rescue pugs which  one is a  mix 
of boston terrior and pug and her name is Roxie and Harley who is blind but has no problem gettting around the house. 
We are a dog family and spend as much time playing
 with them as possible   
Last year we moved into the Tomball school district. We live in Decker Oaks Estates off of Hardin Store Road. 
WE love living in Tomball and having that small town feel to it. 
 I love sports and the Steelers are not only my childrens favorite team but  mine  too.
 I love working with children and look forward to making big strides with  each of my students. 
Mrs.Amy Sigler


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If you have not sent in a pair of headphones please send ASAP for our Developmental classroom. We work daily with interactive programs that the students really enjoy. 

 As of 2:00 PM Thursday Tomball ISD has announced we will still have School tomorrow. 
Our New Speech teacher is Mrs. Amy Sigler. She is working with me on schedules and I can't wait for everyone to meet her. She is super Excited to be joining us.

Important Dates

Bowling Challenge Day (parents welcome)
October 20
Tomball Bowling Alley
Special  Rodeo
January 26
Success Golf (parents welcome but goes by fast)
February 23
Challenge Day (parents welcome)
May 4


School Supply List 2017-2018


  1. Lysol Wipes (4) may ask for more throughout the year.
  2. Batteries AA& AAA
  3. White Velcro may need more throughout the year.
  4. Big grip Pencils
  5. Pink large eraser (2)
  6. Tissue 4 boxes
  7. 2 pocket folder (plastic) with prongs (3) red,blue,yellow
  8. Headphones for computer work in Mrs. Kelly’s class no earbuds. The students don’t like them because they fall out. If your child has sensory issues please buy what you feel is appropriate.
  9. Color tab dividers
  10. 1 large sand pail
  11. A Large box of microwavable popcorn for movie days
  12. 2 Boxes of Crayons


Sometimes throughout the year I will ask for supplies that we might need.

Please send change of clothes, diapers and wipes on the first day of school if your child will need them. We will need a summer and winter change of clothes that will be returned at the end of the year. Snacks can be sent first day of school and it works best if you bring a month supply at a time.