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Contact Information:

Room # 215
(281)357-3080 ext. 3500

Conference Time:    11:10-12:10

First of all, I would like to welcome you to our class! I am looking forward to an exciting year with everyone!


 Class Mission Statement:

 My mission for my classroom is to create an environment for students to feel

safe and inspired. I want to light a fire of curiosity and a desire to not

only be daily learners, but life-long learners.





























Recent Posts

Last 2 weeks info!

Thank you so much for all the kind notes, cards, and gifts for teacher appreciation week. I felt very loved!  

Book Fair is open in the library! Come stock up on summer reading material!

Students are allowed to purchase books during recess time.  Parents can come before school or during lunch or recess with their student(s).

It is buy one, get one free, of equal value or less. 

Tuesday, May 23rd is Career Day – Students will enjoy a full day of learning about several different careers in our community!

Tuesday, May 23rd- Yearbooks will be on sale starting at 9:00AM in the front of the school in the hallway. First come, first serve!! 

Wednesday, May 24th- Flea Market (for students only)- make sure your child brings their 10 items to sell and has a poster or tri-fold ready with their shop name and prices labeled.

Step Up Party

This Friday, May 26th is our Step up Party!  Please make sure your child arrives on time this day.  Also, make sure your child wears their class t-shirt and tennis shoes.  We will be leaving WCES at 9:00 am and arriving at Lifetime around 9:15-9:30am.  Parents are welcome to join but please keep siblings at home because of occupancy limits.  Parents will check in at the front at Lifetime Fitness, please let them know you are there for the WCES Step Up party.  We will be having a pizza lunch, at Lifetime so no need to send a lunch or drink this day.  We will leave Lifetime at 2:00pm.  All students will ride the bus back to WCES.  If you want to take your child home after the party, you will need to come back to school and check out your child at the front office.

4th grade awards are May 31st at 9:00 am.  Students will start by singing a few songs and then we will start our awards ceremony.  From the award ceremony we will do our clap out!  

End of your Party, May 31st at 2:45 pm

Don't forget to sign up for something to bring! An email was sent out to those emails Mrs. Seals had addresses for.  I can’t believe these guys are heading to NIS soon!

Last day of school is June 1st!!! Early release at 12:50 that day. Report cards will also come home that day!!


It’s a lot I know!  Email with questions!


Mrs. Noack






Week 35: May 15-19

Week 35: May 15-19
*chick-fil-A spirit night tonight, May 15th
*Flea Market next Wednesday, May 24th.  Please make sure your child is prepared.  They need to come to school with 10 items they have made to sell. They need to also have a poster or tri-fold advertising their products and listing the prices of their items.  I will be checking in with groups here at school as well. 
*Step Up Party is next Friday, May 26th.  Students will need to wear tennis shoes and their class t-shirt.  They will not need to bring a lunch or drink, that will be provided.  Parents are welcome to meet us at Lifetime Fitness, please no siblings because of space limits.
*No school Monday, May 29th
*4th grade End of Year Awards/Music Performance/Clap out, May 31st
Our 4th grade music performance will start at 9:00 am in the cafeteria.  The end of year awards will be right after the performance.  After the awards, we will begin our clap out!  Please join us if you can.
*End of year party May 31st 2:45-3:30
*Last day of school June 1st- Early Dismissal 12:50pm
In Math this week we continuing our 5th grade prep!  I sent home an easy math computation homework today that is due Thursday.  Our test is very similar to this and will be on Thursday also. 
In Science this week we will have our Science Benchmark on Tuesday, May 16th.  I sent home a lavender color review sheet for this last week.  We will study in class today and tomorrow to prepare as well.  Later in the week we will continue our study of food chains, food webs and ecosystems.  We will test over this next Monday, May 22nd. I will send home a separate review sheet to help prepare this Tuesday.  This review sheet is smaller and is orange. :-) 
I will try and send lots of reminder emails and posts for our last 3 weeks of school, I know it can be overwhelming. :-)
Email me with any questions, 
Mrs. Noack

Science Benchmark

Next Tuesday, May 16th is our Science Benchmark.  I sent home a review sheet for this today.  It is ran on a lavender color paper and should be inside your child's homework folder.  Please make sure they study this review sheet so they are well prepared for the benchmark.  Some of these topics were taught the first few weeks of school so they will definitely need a refresher.  We will review in class Monday and Tuesday before the test. :-)

week 34: May 8-12

Week 34: May 8-12
*STAAR  testing Monday and Tuesday- have your child go to bed extra early and eat a nice big breakfast both days!
*Field Day this Friday 1:00-3:15.  Make sure your child wears their class t-shirt and tennis shoes. Also, you may want to apply sunscreen in the morning and have your child wear a hat.  Some stations are wet, so you may want to send in a change of clothes for students to change into before dismissal.  If you want your child to leave with you from field day you will need to check them out in the front office.  Your child will come back inside with the class after field day is over to get their things and wait for the front to call for them. 
After STAAR this week we will begin our 5th grade prep!  There will be no homework or quizzes this week.  STAAR test is plenty!! 
In Science this week we will continue talking about food chains and food webs!  
It's a busy last few weeks, I will try and send lots of emails and updated posts to keep us all straight. haha
Mrs. Noack

Week 33: May 1-5

Week 33: May 1-5
Progress reports come home this Wednesday
STAAR Math- May 8th 
STAAR Reading- May 9th 
Field Day next Friday, May 12th
In Math this week, we will continue our STAAR review.  Each day we have a list of skills we are reviewing.  Make sure your child is continuing to work on their homework that was sent home last week.  We will check and go over it this Thursday.  
In Science this week we will continue to talk about animal life cycles and food chains and food webs.
Email or call with any questions!
Jessica Noack

Week 32: April 24-28

Week 32: April 24-28
There is no book fair this week, sorry for the confusion.
Girl Talk this Friday, April 28th.  I sent the link in an earlier post to preview online if you would like. 
In Math this week, we are wrapping up our Financial Literacy Unit.  We will test over this Tuesday.  I will send a 4th grade review packet home Monday and it will not be due until the following Thursday, May 4th.  It is pretty lengthy but is a good review of all skills taught this year. Later in the week, we will go back and review previous skills taught to polish up for STAAR.  If you would like extra STAAR practice, you can visit http://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/STAAR_Released_Test_Questions/ they have released staar tests for math and reading.  There is even an answer key.  You can print them off or you can have your child do them on the computer and write their answers on a sheet of paper.  I'm happy to reward extra efforts. :-) This is optional of course. 
In Science this week, we will continue to discuss plant and animals cycles. We will also discuss food chains and food webs.
Have a great week, 
Email or call with questions as always.
Mrs. Noack

Field day help

Field Day is Friday, May 12th!  Thank you very much for all the people who already committed to helping out at field day.  Unfortunately, we do not have as many helpers as we need to have a successful day.  If you can help, please e-mail Brenda Spedden at brendaspedden@tomballisd.net. We are needing help from 8:30am-11:15am and 12:30pm-3:15pm.  Thank you.

Week 31: April 17-21

Week 31: April 17-21
*Book Fair week next week- April 24-28/ Popsicles with parents will be April 27th (not sure of time yet)
* "Girl Talk" for all 4th grade girls is April 28th- please sign and return the permission form ASAP.  There is a preview session noted on the form if you would like to view the video before your daughter sees it.  The girls are very anxious about this video, the boys of course want to know what it is all about too!! lol  I have told the girls to spare the boys and to talk with their parents after the video if they have any questions.. get ready.. haha
*Flea Market- Our first 4th grade Flea market is May 24th.  Because of space this is a student only event, I promise to take pictures.  The kids are having such a fun time getting creative with their shop.  So, here is the run down. Students have been placed in groups.  Each student in the group needs to create a minimum of 10 items to sell. These items can be themed or can all be different.  We are encouraging students to work on the items mostly at home but if needed we can allow class time towards the end.  We are giving class time to work on pricing, display, and the poster or tri-fold.  Please don't hesitate to email with questions.  We are talking a lot about this at school.  :-)  Pinterest has lots of great ideas.  
In Math this week, we are still in our financial unit.  We are having so much fun talking about MONEY!!  Last week we talked about what a financial institution is.  We also discussed how to save, share, and spend money and what fixed and variable costs are.  Friday, we talked about calculating profit.  Money Earned- Expenses = profit earned.  This week we are going to continue to talk about calculating profit and are going to get into check writing, filling out deposit tickets, and keeping a register! They love this unit!!  We will have homework coming home Monday and it will be due Friday.  
If you are interested in extra STAAR practice you can visit http://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/STAAR_Released_Test_Questions/ and go down to 4th grade and print math or reading questions or you can have your child do it online.  The answer key is provided.
In Science this week, we will continue to talk about complete and incomplete metamorphosis.  Our butterflies have been released, but we have a caterpillar left behind so we get to watch the process all over again.  I'm still searching for eggs left behind on our milkweed plant.  Later in the week we will talk about food chains and food webs. 
Email or call with questions, 
Mrs. Noack

Week 30: April 10-13

Week 30: April 10-13
*No school this Friday, April 14th- Good Friday
*Chick-fil-a Spirit Night 5:30-7:30 
*Progress Reports come home this Wednesday
In Math this week we will go over our Data Analysis Test we took Friday.  Grades were very good, I will have them posted on Monday.  This counted as a major grade and will be coming home in Wednesday folders this week.  I won't send Math Benchmarks home yet, because those take more time to go over.  (I like to go over each one missed one on one with each student).  The math benchmark counted as a daily grade.  This week we will start our financial literacy unit.  I will send home a homework Monday and it will be due Thursday.  During this unit we will discuss our flea market project and even allow class time to work on this project.  
In Science this week, we will be wrapping up our animal/plant adaptions and inherited and learned traits unit.  We will have a test over this material Thursday before we leave for Easter break.  I will send home a review sheet to help study Monday.  
It's a short but busy week!  
Email or call with questions/concerns
Jessica Noack

week 29: April 3-7

week 29: April 3-7
*3rd 9 weeks Award Ceremony 9:45-10:30 (Parents are welcome to attend.  Just a reminder that, this time, students will stand in their place and not walk up on the stage)
*Chick-fil-a Spirit Night 5:30-7:30 next Monday, April 10th
In Math this week, we are taking our Math Benchmark on Wednesday.  This test will cover all concepts taught this year.  We will count this test as a daily grade.  We will review for this by playing 2 different fun review games Monday and Tuesday.  Friday, we will have our Data Analysis test which will count as a Major grade.  There will be no homework this week.  I am however, encouraging students to take their math journals home to look over past skills taught.  
In Science this week, we will continue to talk about animal adaptations.  We will also talk about inherited traits and learned behaviors.
Have a great week!  
Email or call with questions or concerns.
Jessica Noack

Sports spectacular tomorrow!

Students who earned all Es on their report card will get to participate in sports spectacular tomorrow from 2:45-3:30.  Students can bring outdoor equipment to play with if they like such as; sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, volleyballs, etc.  If you want your child to have on sunscreen, please apply in the morning. :-)

3rd 9 weeks Award Ceremony

I just wanted to give you a heads up, our 3rd 9 weeks Award Ceremony is April 3rd this 9 weeks.  This is on a Monday instead of our typical Friday.  Awards will be from 9:45-10:30.  The ceremony will be a little different this time.  Students will not walk to the front and stand on the stage.  For each category called, students will stand in their spot on the cafeteria floor.  All certificates will be given to the homeroom teachers to pass out in the classroom once the ceremony is over.  I just wanted to let you know since this is different from what we have done in the past.   Parents are still more than welcome to attend. :-)
Let me know if you have any questions
Also, please send in those step up party forms and minimum $10 donation.  Let me know if you need another copy of the forms. 

Week 28: March 27-March 31

Week 28: March 27-March 31
In Need: 
We are running low on a few items that we need to get us through the last 9 weeks.  If you are able to donate any of these items we would greatly appreciate it! 
*scissors-student size
*highlighters (any color)
*clorox wipes
-candy or gum (sorry ya'll you'd be amazed at what they will do for a piece of candy. lol)
-expos (regular not the thin ones) any color
*STAAR Writing is this Tuesday, March 29th.  Please make sure your child gets a good nights rest and a good breakfast.  Parents are not allowed to eat with their child on testing days.  Students need to bring a couple books to read after the test and they may want to bring a light jacket to make their testing environment more comfortable.
*Math and Reading tutoring start this week for those invited.  Please refer to the calendar sent home for days and times.  
*Step Up party is approaching.  Please fill out the 3 forms that were sent home last week and return your minimum $10 donation as soon as you can.  The more money turned in the better the party for our 4th graders.
*Report cards will come home this Wednesday.
*All E Reward Celebration will be Friday for those students with all Es this 9 weeks.
In Math this week, we are continuing our Data Analysis unit.  We will test over this unit next week.  We will then start our financial literacy unit.
Homework will be sent home Wednesday this week due to STAAR testing and will be due Friday. (it will be a shorter assignment)
In Science this week, we will continue to talk about animal adaptations.
Email or call with any questions or concerns. 
Mrs. Noack

Week 27: March 21-24

Week 27: March 21-24
Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a nice Spring break! 
*STAAR Writing is next Tuesday, March 28th
*STAAR Tutorials for reading and math start next week, calendars will be coming home Wednesday March 22nd to those students who have been invited.  Please make sure to note the day changes on the calendar for Math since there was a mistake made on the original letter sent home.  
*STEP-Up Party flyers will be coming home this Wednesday March 22nd.  There will be 3 flyers for this end of the year party at Life Time Fitness.  Please be on the lookout for them inside Wednesday folders this week.
*Flea Market letters were sent home before break.  Please start to brainstorm with your child what kinds of products/services they want to sell.  All students need to have their product/service approved by their teacher.  If you have questions about this project please email me. 
In Math this week, we will continue our data analysis unit.  We will continue to collect, display, and interpret data in different types of graphs such as; dot plot, frequency table, and stem-and-leaf plots.  Homework will be sent home tomorrow, 3/21 and will be due back Friday.  
In Science this week, we are continuing our study of plant adaptations.  Students will continue to work on their powerpoint explaining the plant adaptations for their assigned biome.  Next week, we will begin animal adaptations! 
Have a great week! 
Email or call with any questions
Jessica Noack