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Contact Information:

Room # 215
(281)357-3080 ext. 3500

Conference Time:    11:10-12:10

First of all, I would like to welcome you to our class! I am looking forward to an exciting year with everyone!


Our Classroom Creed: 

To be continued...We will create together the first couple weeks of school.

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Week 6: September 25-29

Week 6: September 25-29
*Curriculum Night- September 28th
PTO will begin in the cafeteria at 5:30 and Ms. Sullivan will begin teacher introductions at 6:00, she will then dismiss all to head to teacher's classrooms for individual presentations. 
*4th Grade Rock the Block Homecoming Parade- October 4th (more info. to come in Wednesday folders this week)
*Early Release at 12:50 pm October 6th
*Fall Conferences will be starting next week.  Look for an email on Friday from sign up genius to sign up for your time. :-)  You can choose to have an in person or a phone conference. 
*No School October 9th
In Math this week we are learning where decimals are on the number line.  We will also learn how to multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100.  We will take 2 daily grades over this material this week.  Homework was sent home last Friday and is due this Friday, September 29th.  This is a great review for our Unit 1 Test which is next Tuesday, October 3rd.  Parents, please please please look inside your child's homework folder if you have not to see their facts practice test for the week.  Students really need to be practicing their facts if they aren't doing well.  I promise we practice in the classroom but as much repetition as possible will really help them cement them in.  They really need to have them memorized and should be able to recall them instantly.  When we get to multiplication of greater numbers such as; 87x96 this will be a struggle if they don't know their basic facts. 
In Science this week we are continuing our talk about Matter.  We will test over this material Friday.  Tomorrow, students will take an open notes quiz over this material.  
We have a nice full week ahead.  I look forward to seeing you all Thursday night.  If you can't make it, I'm happy to send home the brochure and can even attached the power point on my Edlio for you to view. :-)
Jessica Noack

Week 5: September 18-22

Week 5: September 18-22
*Marcos Spirit night tomorrow night- 9/19
*Curriculum Night next week 9/28 5:30 PTO begins in the cafeteria (Parents only)
*Club Letters Due 9/22
In Math this week we are learning about the relationship between decimals and fractions.  Students have homework that was sent home last Friday and is due this Friday 9/22.  We will also have a quiz over this material this Friday. Parents, please have your child continue to practice their math facts.  Today we took a facts check on 4's and 8's and many of the kids struggled.  We will work in class but they also need to practice at home.  Some of the facts that were a struggle were 8x8, 6x8, 8x4, and 7x8.  Just a reminder, facts tests each Friday average for a 1/2 Major grade.  
In Science this week we will continue to discuss Matter and it's properties.  
Have a great week, 
Mrs. Noack

Online Textbook

Dear Parents,

The students information for the online textbook should be uploaded and ready to go.  The online textbook is a great resource for if a student would like some extra practice on a content they are struggling with or for reinforcing/reviewing skills.  It is also great for those times that students lose their homework pages.  The online information is listed below.  Please let me know if you still incur problems trying to log in. 


Log in:

  1. Go to our unique login site https://goo.gl/cxBo6T(bookmark this page).​
  2. Sign in using the student’s unique username and password provided.
  3. Username: Tomball + [student id #]
  4. Password: TISD + [student id #] + [First and last initial capitalized]


John Doe

Username: Tomball123456

Password: TISD123456JD

Just FYI- Lots and Lots of Flyers coming home tomorrow!!!

Just fyi- there are lots and lots of flyers coming home tomorrow in Wednesday folders.  If you are like me I usually look at the graded stuff and toss the flyers to the side to look at over the weekend.  Just be aware, the club letter is coming home. The Due date for this is Friday Sept. 22.  NO CLUB forms will be accepted after that time as we are trying to ensure that every student who wants to participate in club is able to do so and we have some clubs that are doing random drawing for club selections.  I just didn't want this flyer to get buried in the pile, trust me I get it!  If your child wants to participate in a club I would fill it out right away and return it.  It is purple flyer by the way.  :-)

Math and Science online textbook access

Textbook Info

Dear Parents,

The link for the online textbooks is below along with the information needed to log in.  Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.


Username: TISD + [student id #] +[First and last initial capitalized]

ex:  TISD110705JA

Password: Tomball + [student id#]

ex: Tomball110705

Week 4: September 11-15

Week 4: September 11-15
*Club letters come home this Wednesday in Wednesday folders.  They are due back by Sept. 22nd.
*Curriculum Night is September 28th for 3rd and 4th grade
*Parent conferences will be come up starting at the beginning of October.  Look for a link soon to sign up online for your day/time.
In Math this week we will continue with Place Value.  Tomorrow, we will review place value positions, values of numbers and how to write numbers in standard, expanded, word and exponential form.  We will take a quiz over this material after we review.  Later this week, we will work on comparing whole numbers up to 1,000,000,000 and rounding whole numbers to a given place value through the 100,000.  If students are ready, we will quiz over this Friday.  I am going to start sending homework home on Friday and will have it due the following Friday.  I will include an assignment from the previous week for review and an assignment for the upcoming week to practice.  I have told your kiddos but please remind them that if they are struggling with a certain problem or skill on their homework they have all week to come and ask me. During warm-up time I have encouraged them to come and ask me any homework questions.  Please keep having your child practice their math facts at home.  There are lots of multiplication games on the internet and under my math links.  Also, there are some great multiplication apps for ipads and iphones. :-)  Good old flashcards work great too. :-)
In Science this week we will continue to discuss the properties of matter. Friday we took a science safety test, grades were VERY good.  We aren't allowed to send this test home but grades will be entered in grade book in the next day or two.  

Week 3 September 5-8

 Week 3 September 5-8
It has been a very sad and devastating time for our community and city.  I pray all my kiddos and their families are ok, I know with time, Houston will be restored.  Please know we will continue instruction as usual this week.  We will however take time if needed to talk about what students have seen and experienced in their community and seen on the news in the past week.  
I have missed my students and I'm so happy for us all to be back together again tomorrow.
In Math this week, we will be be introducing Place Value.  We will be sending home homework tomorrow that will be due Friday.  Also, students will need to continue working on decorating their Math notebooks at home.  Please make sure they bring it back each day for our note taking.  Also, please have your child practice their math facts at home.  www.multiplication.com is a great website to help them practice.  Flashcards are also a great tool to help reinforce and drill those facts.  If you need other suggestions feel free to email me and I can give you more ideas.  We will also be work on fact practice in the classroom as well.
In Science this week we will be talking about lab safety and will also begin States of Matter.  Students will come home with their safety contracts tomorrow and need to make sure they get signed.  Also, students need to work on decorating and tapping their Science journals as well.
Please email me with any questions or concerns. 
Jessica Noack

Week 1: 8/22-8/25

Week 1: 8/22-8/25
Happy 1st Day!!
We are going to have a great year!  
This week in math, we are getting to know each other, building class community, and the expectations for a successful 4th grade year.  We will also be reviewing our multiplication facts.  Students will be taking a weekly multiplication timed test every Friday starting in week three.  This will be counted as half a major, so please have your child start studying/reviewing at home.
This week in science, we will be going over safety rules for the science lab and for during experiments/labs.  Students will be bringing home their science INB (interactive notebook) on Friday.  It will have their safety contract glued in on the front cover.  Please read over it with your child, sign, and return on Monday.
** This year we will not be decorating INB's in class.  Students will be bringing home their math and science INB's on Friday to be decorated over the weekend.  We would like to have students decorate the front cover.  Please make sure their name is somewhere on both INB's.  When finished, we recommend that you use clear packing tape to cover and seal the INB's so that the decorations stay on and they last all year.
                       Math - The front cover needs to be personalized with math that relates to the student.  They can use pictures, drawings, magazine cut-outs, computer print-outs, stickers, scrapbook paper, etc.  
                       Science - The front cover needs to also be personalized.  Have you child collect stickers, print pictures, etc. of science related items to decorate the front cover.