STUDENTS NEW TO TOMBALL I.S.D. - Gifted and Talented Screening

1st through 4th grade students who are new to TISD this school year are eligible to participate in the fall Gifted and Talented screening. Students transferring from GT programs in other school districts must meet TISD’s criteria for GT services. The deadline for requests is September 24, 2021 at 12:00 pm. **If your child was enrolled in Tomball ISD last year, he/she is not eligible for fall testing. There will be another opportunity in the spring.**
NOTE: This does not apply to Kindergarten GT Screening. There is no need to request Kindergarten screening since all Kindergarten students are automatically screened midyear.
Use the link to request fall testing:
Our campus GT Specialist, Tammy LaFountain, will send the Permission to Test and Parent Inventory home with your child once you complete the online referral form. Once you receive the Permission to Test and Parent Inventory forms, you will have until September 30th to return them to Mrs. LaFountain in order for testing to occur. Testing will begin once the Permission to Test is received.