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Hello everyone!!!
My name is Rebekah Collins and I will be teaching your 2nd grader this year.
This will be my 15th year to teach at Willow Creek and my fourth year to teach 2nd grade. My first two years of teaching experience were in 4th grade Language Art/ Social Studies. The other 8 years were spent teaching 3rd grade ELA/ SS and Math/ Science. Last year, I taught virtually for 9 weeks and then had the great pleasure of welcoming some of them back into the classroom! I absolutely love what I do! I started pursuing education at the age of 21 working as a paraprofessional at Nitsch Elementary in Klein ISD. After deciding to become a full time student at Sam Houston State, I started substitute teaching in Klein for the following two years. I graduated magma cum lade from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas in August of 2008. My first year of teaching at WCES, I was recognized as Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year in the Tomball ISD School District. 
I am a proud boy mom of two sweet young men named Everett & Cooper. Everett is 11 & Cooper is 8. They are my treasures. Not only am I your child's teacher but I am also a fellow parent of a 3rd grader here at Willow Creek.      I cannot believe how fast they are growing! Everett will be a 6th grader at Northpointe Intermediate this year and Cooper is my 3rd grader here at WCES!

 I hope your child is ready for an exciting school year! Please know that I treasure every day that you trust me with teach your precious child. I understand how hard it is to let go and put your trust in someone else! Trust me. I have your child's best interest at heart and hope that they have a great year. Remember, you are the expert on your child! We are going to be a team this year to ensure your child reaches their goals. 


This week in Math and Science

I hope your weekend was enjoyable. This week we are continually practicing comparing & ordering numbers up to the hundred thousands position. One very good strategy is stacking the numbers and aligning the digits in the same position (place). This helps students see what they are actually comparing. They must start with the number in the highest position to the left within the given numbers when comparing. I will be sending homework to practice this on Wednesday. We will have a daily math grade over comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred at the end of the week. My goal is Thursday, but it may be Friday if they need more review and practice. Their first major math grade will be over place value in all three forms, transforming word form to standard, expanded to standard, and so on. It will also cover expanded notation, which I am continuing this week, along with comparing and ordering numbers up to 999,999 and rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. Friday, we will begin Math Buddies with Mrs. Qualls 4th grade class. They will practice rounding on a number line together and play a fun dice game for rounding on a number line. I have not told them yet! Mrs. Qualls and I just confirmed our first meeting time today. 
 Fact Check 2minute timed tests- our second practice test will be over adding and subtracting 10 on Friday. I was able to put many students' frogs out in hallway that made a 100 on their first practice test over doubles and halves. This will come home Wednesday for you to see which ones were missed if they missed any. Don't forget about www.math-drills.com for practice sheets. 
Xtra Math-
My goal is to send home thier Xtra Math PIN number logins by Friday. I finished uploading both classes. I need to print out thoer cards and staple in their planners. This is a wonderful way for you & I to monitor their fact profiency progress or weaknesses. 
The gummy bear lab was a blast! Please ask your child about what we discovered together. This week, we are reviewing the uses for the various science tools such as the microscope, telescope, different types of scales, magnifying glass, safety goggles, themometer, magnet, a model, and a few others. Students will rotate in stations to put thier hands on the tools so there can experience them. We will then take a quiz over identitying several tools and matching the definition to the tool's name. This will be a daily grade. After this quiz, we will be going further into Chapter 1- The Nature of Science. Today we read over pages 36-42 if you want to login to their ebook online, feel free to review. We we be discussing various types of models, how scientists communicate, how to read food labels and determine what is healthy, and many other interesting topics in chapter one. 
Homework Club = Responsible Club
So far, pretty much everyone is in my Math homework club! Students who bring their HW each week for the entire 9 weeks period will earn an ice cream pass. What a treat! Each week they bring it, they are also paid Cat Cash, so even if they forget one week, they are still rewarded when they bring in their HW the following week. Students are motivated to continue doing their HW. Of course it is hard to follow along with the HW review without i and students usually feel left out. 
Trick or Treat at the Creek-
The deadline for pre-ordering ticket books and Spooky Grams will be Sept. 23rd. Please send completed form with payment in a sealed and labeled envelope or ziplock baggie. 
Wildcat at of the Month-
Please don't forget to send in the blue form giving permission to your hold to be photographed for the Wildcat of the Month Wall of Honor! 
Parent Night-
It was a success!! Thank you for attending. We missed you if you were unable to come in. Please see Mrs. Gonzales' website for download of our Parent Night slide show. Please email or call with any questions you may have. 
Parent conferences 
We are reviewing dates and times for opening up Sign-Up Genius to you. Stay tuned! 

Pearson textbooks online now available

The Pearson Realize textbook website is up and running now. Next Tuesday, students will get on their Chromebook and login to their account. We will explore the website together so they can show you when they get home. Both the Math & Science textbooks will be available on their account. Thank you!
If you want to go on before Tuesday, the link is http://goo.gl/cxBo6T 
TISD + [student id#] + [first and last initial capitalized], i.e. TISD11070JA
Tomball + [student id#], i.e. Tomball110705


Hello there! I just wanted to remind you of a few things. 
Math homework pages will come home on Wednesdays. They can turn their homework page in on Thursday to their homework pocket or wait until Friday. We review the page in class on Friday as a whole group. There are a few concepts we are just now covering such as comparing numbers that are either greater than, less than, or equal to one another & putting numbers in order from least to greatest to the thousands position. I posted four place value practice games that they were able to play on the Chromebooks in class. They had a blast exploring my Edlio teacher website. They can also play these at home. See you on Thursday!

Would you like to help out?

The students' math and science notebooks will be ready to cover by the end of the week. Almost everyone brought in their Math INB cover on Friday. We will be covering the science notebook with scientific items they hunt and find to cut out of National Geographic Magazines in class. I did have two moms sign up at Meet the Teacher to help cover notebooks, but sadly I cannot find my sign up sheet that I laid out that evening. If you signed up or would also like to help cover notebooks with packing tape, please email me. I will set up a time for you to come up.
Also, we are doing a gummy bear science investigation next Thursday and I need a few donations. If you can donate either a bag gummy bears or clear plastic cups, it would be greatly appreciated! I should only need two bags of gummy bears and no more than 40 cups. Just email me if you can donate. Thank you for randomly sending in items for our treasure box, candy, and other items from the class wish list!! It does not go unnoticed! It all helps!
Thank you & hopefully we will see you next week!