My name is Jessica Hulett. I graduated from Missouri State University and then I moved to Texas about 20 years ago. I have a daughter that is a Sophomore, and another that is a Senior at Tomball Memorial.

I taught Kindergarten in Spring ISD before being a stay at home mom for 8
years. This is my 11th year at Willow Creek as a Kindergarten teacher.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Nin for 21 years.
I also have a Basset Hound named Lucy.
We are going to do so many fun things in school this
year! I look forward to having you in my classroom.

*Attendance is a very important part of your child's education. Please make sure that they are at school every day by no later than 8:40. I can not teach them all they need to know if they are not here. 
Thank you for your continuing support!!!

If you need to contact me, you may email me at jessicahulett@tomballisd.net,
write me a note in your child's daily folder,
or call me at:
281-357-3080 ext.3442


October Update

Our Trick Or Treat At The Creek carnival is tomorrow from 2-6. I will be handing out candy from 2-2:30. After that I will be walking around to visit with students until around 3:30-4. I hope to see you there.
If you are not able to make your scheduled conference time, please let me know in advance. I am happy to reschedule for another time.
Next Friday, October 28th, is the Alphabet Parade, don't forget to represent your letter by dressing up.
We are trying some new stations out in Math and Language Arts making play-dough sight words and numbers 0-10.
If you would like to donate play-dough I could use some more.
Thank you for signing up to bring pumpkins and to help carve. I will send a note home on Monday about details if you are a volunteer.
I appreciate all you do!! 
Thank you so much and enjoy this beautiful weekend.

First In Math

Today I am sending home a paper about a program called First in Math. It has your user name and password as well as the directions for how to play on the website.
This is something that the school has purchased for your child to use at home. There are school wide contests weekly for students that earn the most points playing games.
This is optional if you are looking for extra ways to challenge your student in Math. There are many different levels so that your child can work their way up as the year goes along.
Have fun!

October Updates

I can't believe it is already October.
I just wanted to let you know about a few important things we have going on this month. This Thursday, we have individual pictures. Even if you are not ordering any, this will be for their yearbook pictures. Please bring tennis shoes for P.E. and recess.
I am starting a new rewards program for the students this month. Every Monday I will look at the daily folders from the week before. If they have stayed on green or Superstar for the entire week, they will earn a treasure tower token that they can spend in the office on a prize. They love this!!
I will be sending home dates and times for conferences this week, so make sure to check the daily binder for that. If you are not able to make your scheduled time, please let me know and I will be happy to accommodate your schedules.
I am in need of a few items for our classroom.
-thick markers
-plastic sheet protectors
-craft sticks
I will also have sign ups at the conferences for bringing pumpkins, and or helping to carve pumpkins the week before Halloween.(Details later)
Happy Fall, I hope the weather feels more like Fall soon. 

Trick Or Treat At The Creek

Today the carnival pre-sale information will come home in Wed Folders.
Also, just a reminder that items for the Silent Auction Baskets for Trick or Treat at the Creek should be turned in the first week of October.
Our classroom theme is Legos-girls.   You may purchase an item on your own and send it in with your child,  or for convenience sake, you may go to the Amazon link below to view the wish list and choose an item from there.
Items ordered from Amazon will be shipped directly to the school.   You may also choose an item NOT listed on the Amazon wish list that fits the theme if you would like.
Thank you for your contributions!  The Silent Auction Baskets are a huge part of what makes this fundraiser so successful!

Poetry Folders

Please place the poems in the brads of the yellow folders after practicing them on the weekends. I will send home the yellow Poetry Folders on Fridays. They need to be returned by Monday or Tuesday.
I noticed this week that over half the class is taking their poems out of the folders.
We use them to practice reading during the week so please leave them in there.
I will also be sending a note home today about donating apples, and a Scholastic book order as well. Thank you and have a great day!


I am so excited for the new school year. We had a great first week.
 Here are some important dates coming up.
30- Marco's Pizza Night
31- Curriculum Open House K-2 6:00-7:30
5- Labor Day- no school!!
7- Grades 3-4 Curriculum Open House K-2 6:00-7:30

Teddy Bear Picnic

Don't forget to send a teddy bear, a beach towel, and a sack snack in a ziploc or brown bag- drink included, with your child's name on it for tomorrow-Tuesday May 24th!

May news and events

Just a heads up


Wow – can you believe it is already May!!  This year has flown by!  Here are a few reminders about some upcoming events this month:


All Library Books Due – Friday, May 13th

All books need to be returned to the library so they can be inventoried.



4th 9 Week Reward Celebration – Friday, May 20th

The students who have met the criteria will attend our last 9 week reward celebration.  This one is a hip hop dance program.  Those who cannot attend will continue to follow a typical school day in a classroom with a Kindergarten teacher. Parents do not attend.



Book Fair Week - May 23-27th   

The scholastic book fair will be set up in the library.  Tuesday, May 24th is Popsicles with Parents from 4:00-7:00 pm.  You can browse the book fair and enjoy a popsicle afterwards!



Teddy Bear Picnic Tuesday, May 24th 

Please have your child bring a small blanket and a teddy bear from home.  We will be eating snack with our teddy bears and reading the book The Teddy Bears Picnic by Jamie Kennedy.  Please pack a snack & drink in a brown bag labeled with your child’s name.   Parents do not attend.



No School – Monday, May 30th 

It’s Memorial Day. Enjoy the day off!



Fun in the Sun – Tuesday, May 31st

From 9:00-10:30, we will enjoy the outdoors in Kindergarten!  Please send outdoor “toys” such as jump ropes, balls, sidewalk chalk and bubbles to school with your child.  You may send a hat for your child to wear and please apply sunscreen at home.  Each student will enjoy popsicles to wrap up the fun!  If you would like to donate a box of fruit juice popsicles for your child’s class, please contact your child’s teacher.  Parents do not attend.



Summer Rotations June 1st-2nd  

The students will rotate around the other kindergarten classrooms and engage in fun activities.  Each classroom will be set up with a different activity.  We will have floor puzzles, play dough, blocks, legos and much more!  You do not need to provide any items for this day. Parents do not attend.



End of the Year Party – Wednesday June 1st  

At 2:45 we will have our end of the year class parties.  Parents are welcome.  Hope to see you there!



Last Day of School – June 3rd  

Early dismissal at 12:50.  Report cards go home with the students.

Field Day this Friday

Field Day Reminders:


This Friday (May 13th) is field day from 9:00-11:00.  Please make sure your child eats breakfast because we will not eat lunch until after (much later than we usually eat lunch).


Complete a Background Check – if you are coming volunteer you must have a background check on file at Willow Creek.  Those that are coming to watch do not have to have a background check.

Wear your Hulett Hound Dogs shirt- the classes are color coded for us to keep better track of our kiddos.

Wear shorts and sneakers - no skirts or open-toed shoes due to some of the activities

Bring an extra set of clothes - including undergarments and shoes to change into after field day – they will get wet at some of the stations.

Bring a plastic bag – to put wet clothes in after they change (Walmart/Target/HEB bag)

Bring a sack lunch/drink and a towel – we eat outside after our field day.  (The cafeteria will be serving a pre-made sack lunch for those who buy lunch that day.)

Put sunscreen on your child before they come to school (I will not be able to do it once they get to school).

Snack – please pack a snack for later in the day.

Label – Please label anything that could get lost.  Hats are allowed, however students are responsible for their belongings.  Teachers will not hold or carry items students no longer wish to wear.


You are more than welcome to come and enjoy the morning with us.  You will meet us outside where field day is taking place.  Hope to see you there!


Lunch – 11:30-12:00      Kindergarten will eat on the Kindergarten playground.  We will take the students inside to gather towels, lunches, drinks and then meet you outside on the playground.   Parents will not be allowed to come into the building with us.  After lunch the classes will return to their rooms and continue with the school day.   Teachers will each have a class sign out sheet if you wish to take your child home with you.



We are going to have lots of fun and the kids are very excited!  Thank you for your help.  If you have any questions, please contact me.


Jessica Hulett


281-357-3080 ext 3442


Animal Museum update

Good afternoon!
We hope everyone is staying safe and dry during these rainy days.   
Since school has been canceled for several days and we are unsure of what will happen the rest of the week, Kindergarten has decided to reschedule the Animal Museum.  The new date and time will be next Friday, April 29th from 2:45-3:30.   
This will give the kiddos time to finish the project next week and be ready to present their research findings! We hope that you will be able to attend!
The Kindergarten Teachers​


Important info for this week

The kids earned a class reward so I am letting them bring a small stuffed animal to school tomorrow- Thursday. It has to be small enough to fit in their backpack. Also, if you are coming to the Field Trip and taking your child home from the Oil Ranch, I have to get a signed note by tomorrow- Thursday morning. I need it by then to send to the office. Thanks

Important Info

Please send your Field Trip money and forms in if you have not already done so. We need to get the medical consent forms to the nurse ASAP.
Also, I have only received a few of the tri-fold boards for the Animal Museum projects. They are due back by Monday because we are starting our in class work that day.
The books and assignment #1 came home today. Please read your child's animal book with them over the weekend. They will need to bring the book and baggie back to school everyday.  It will be very difficult for them to write and illustrate if they don't have their books. I am also rewarding them with cat cash everyday if they have their books and did their assignments on time.
Have a great weekend!!
Mrs. Hulett

Important Info

Please make sure to check your child's Wednesday folder tonight. They will have a paper explaining RAZ kids, an online reading program that our school has purchased. It is a great resource, and a fun way for kids to read books on their level at home. I will also let them access it at school on laptops and in the computer lab. 
The paper coming home tonight will explain how to sign on and get started.
You will be able to access it all summer as well, so the kids don't fall behind in their reading.
Donations- I am in need of a few things for the classroom if you would like to donate:
eraser tips(the kind that go on the pencil)
wooden clothespins
stickers for rewards
Thanks!! Happy Easter


March Dates and Important news
14-18 Spring Break!!
22- Field Trip note coming home
25- Good Friday/No School
29- Deadline to sign up as a volunteer for the Field Trip 
31- Animal Research assignment and book comes home
Please make sure that you read and complete all assignments that come home for the Animal Research Project. It is important so that the kids know what to write about the next day. We will be working on it from Apr 4-21st in class and then the museum will be in our classroom on April 22nd. This is a great chance for them to show off all their hard work, but I need your help in completing the homework. The majority of the project is done in class. You will just be reading the book, and looking up facts at home. They will write and illustrate at school during Writer's Workshop. Thank you for your support and have a great Spring Break!!!