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Howdy!  Welcome to third grade!  This is such an exciting year for students as we move forward in stretching our legs as learners.  I'm excited to be a part of Willow Creek Elementary and a part of your family's story.  This is my 19th year teaching, although I'm new at WCES.  Previously I've taught in Cy-Fair in 3 schools, including just down the road at Black Elementary, right behind our HEB.  Most of my years have been in third grade, and I've taught all content areas.  Third graders are my favorite!
Just to tell you a bit about myself, I graduated from Texas A&M University.  My husband and I live in Village Creek with our 3 children and 2 dogs.  Our oldest will be a senior this year at Tomball Memorial, our middle will be a fourth grader at Willow Creek, and our baby is in first grade this year.  I am so glad to be at the same school as my babies!  I was born and raised in Houston, but I love living in Tomball.  In my spare time, I enjoy being with family and friends, going to church, reading, cooking, going to Jazzercise, and being outdoors when the weather cooperates.  I love to be out in the country and especially in the mountains, though we don't travel much.  I wish!  
My goal for our class is to have every student experience growth and success!  I want them to feel loved, safe, special, and empowered every single day.  We will work hard, be respectful, give our best effort, and care for one another.  We are a family, and we will cheer each other on to success.  
When you need to contact me, you can send a note with your child, call the school, or email me at jenniferadams1@tomballisd.net.  I look forward to a great year together! 

Recent Posts

Unit 4 Test Review

Here's the review for our Multiplication test.  I'm printing it out for the kids as well.  It is due this Friday, December 14.  That is the date for the test as well.  

Holiday Parties

Please see the message below:

If you have not had your ID scanned at Willow Creek for the 2018-2019 school year, you may stop by the campus before December 17th and have your ID scanned to save time waiting in line the day of the event.  Your ID must be scanned each school year.  

Reservations can be made by completing the Google form online https://goo.gl/forms/F5HMBu640ZQw3Zs62 .  Badges will be printed and available at a designated table when you arrive.  Visitors who have not made reservations will need to wait in a very long, time consuming line and could miss part of the event.  No exceptions will be made.

All visitors should be prepared to present a Photo ID even if you have made reservations.  Once you arrive for the event please check in at the designated tables outside.

Kathy Jo Standefer
Assistant Principal
Willow Creek Elementary

December 3-7

Howdy!  Here's a few updates for the upcoming week.  
Math:  This week we'll be solving one-step multiplication problems with the strategies we've been practicing.  We'll also be making and using tables involving multiplication.  Our fact check Friday will cover 2, 5, and 10.  PLEASE have your child practice these at home.  They MUST be memorized.  See my links page for some online options as well.  
Science:  We'll be studying rapid changes to earth's surface and land forms.  We will be taking a district assessment Tuesday to measure our progress so far. 
Other news:  Our field trip is Thursday December 6.  We will be eating lunch early that day(10:30) in the classroom.  If you're able, please send a lunch that day to minimize trips to the cafeteria, since another grade will be eating at that time.  

November 26-30

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  Now we've got a couple of packed weeks until Christmas.  Here's what's happening:
Math:  It's multiplication time!  This week, we're kicking it off with representing multiplication in different ways.  We'll be relating multiplication to repeated addition, equal groups, the standard algorithm, tables, arrays, and area models. There are lots of ways to do it!  Our fact check this Friday will be on x 2 and x 5 facts.
Science:  Our science this week is quite earth shattering....meaning we're talking about earthquakes!  We'll be learning about forces that change the earth's surface including earthquakes and volcanoes.  
Call to Excellence:  My homeroom class will be filming this week, probably Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please be an audience to your child as they practice their role.  Also return the cue cards to school Monday so we can rehearse.  
Thank you!  

November 12-16

Good evening!  One last week before Thanksgiving, and let me just say how thankful I am for all of my students and families.  Thank you for making this a wonderful year so far.  
As we head into the holiday season, I'd love some help in making our classroom look festive!  If you've got a love of decorating, I'm happy to have you!  Please email me if you'd like to help!  
After the Thanksgiving break, we'll be filming our Call to Excellence in our classroom.  Students interested in speaking parts will have cue cards to take home and practice.  
Math:  This week we're wrapping up our subtraction unit.  The test is Tuesday.  I already sent the review home via email, but will also attach a copy to this Edlio. We will be using it in class tomorrow.  After our subtraction test, we'll be mixing it up a bit.  The kids will have problems where they'll need to decide which operation to use.  Some of these will have multiple steps.  Our fact test this Friday will begin our journey into multiplication.  This Friday's test will be on the X 10 facts.  We've already discussed these and made flashcards.  
Science:  This kids have had so much fun this past week studying forces and motion.  We're carrying on this week with friction, magnetism, and mechanical energy, with a test on Friday.  Lots of good info will be in their science notebooks, so those can be used as a study guide.  A notebook grade will be taken this week as well.  

November 5-9

Can you believe it's November already?  It's seems unreal that Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away.  After a very busy (crazy) week last week, things are calming down this week, and we're getting back on track.  Here's the scoop. 
We're still subtracting!  After exploring problems involving take away, missing parts, and comparisons, we're having an independent daily grade tomorrow.  Then we're taking it up a notch, solving problems with multiple steps and input/output tables before our Unit 3 test next Tuesday.  We've also got another addition/subtraction fact check this Friday.  These fact checks are all averaged together for a major grade.  Make sure your kiddo is practicing a bit each night, as this makes our work faster, easier, and more accurate.  
After finishing up sound, light, and thermal energy, mechanical energy is getting added to the mix, as we study force and motion.  During this unit, the students will be learning about pushes and pulls, including gravity, magnetism, and friction.  We'll have a test on this before the Thanksgiving holiday.  
Progress Reports go home Wednesday!

A huge shout out to Tracy Fletcher and Emily Crump for helping our class put together the cutest pumpkin character!  What a fun and special time!  Pig the Pumpkin Pug was a huge success!

October 29-November 2

It's the week of Halloween...will there be tricks or treats?  It's a busy week for sure.  Here's what's happening.
It's baaack....problem solving.  Now that we've had a week of subtraction calculations under our belt, we're going to put that together with word problems. There are 3 basic types of subtraction word problems; take away, missing part, and comparison problems.  The action in each problem is the same, but the representations are different.  We will be adding to the complexity of the problems, so understanding what the question is asking is imperative. 
Monday we'll be reviewing for our test on sound, light, and thermal energy, which will take place Tuesday.  A review sheet was sent home last Thursday.  Starting Wednesday, we'll be spending the next 2 weeks on forces, motion, and mechanical energy.  
Misc. Fun Stuff:
Red Ribbon Week: Life is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free!
Monday - wear red
Tuesday - wear orange and black for "Hocus Pocus, keep your dreams in focus!"
Wednesday - dress in your 50's style for "50 Days Smarter and Wiser"
Thursday - wear yellow for our "bright" futures
Friday - Parade Day!!
Awards Ceremony - 10/31
  We'll be honoring our wonderful students who made honor roll, perfect attendance, and showed good citizenship during the first 9 weeks at 9:45 am.  You're welcome to join in our celebration!
Vocabulary Parade:
Friday, Nov. 2, we'll have our storybook/vocabulary parade.  It'll start immediately after announcements around 8:50.  As long as weather cooperates, we'll be traveling outside for the event, so that's where we're asking parents to watch from.  A bright pink sheet went home in last Wednesday's folder that had a reservation form to check in ahead of time.  We look forward to seeing you at this fun event!