Wish List

If you are an Amazon shopper, I have created a wishlist there full of our most needed supplies! Click here to see the supplies our classroom would love to have! Thank you for considering!!
I am blessed to have a cabinet full of supplies!! However, there are always some things that our class could use. Currently, we could use the following;
  • Black dry erase markers
  • cardstock - bright colors or white
  • computer screen cleaner (Amazon sells wipes)
  • band aids {you'd be amazed how many requests for band aids I get a day!}
  • clear packing tape (used to cover name tags, repair folders, cover notebooks, etc)
  • black sharpies {fine point or regular}
  • pencil top erasers
  • tissue (we always need more!)
  • Any cleaner that kills viruses
Teacher supplies that make my heart go pitter patter;
  • white card-stock (for printing math games and projects)
  • Astrobright neon cardstock
  • laminating sheets (8.5 x 11)
  • flair pens
  • Mr. Sketch markers