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Week of 5-21-18

Math: We will be "stepping up to 4th grade" this week. Students will start to learn some exciting 4th grade skills to get them excited for next year. 
No more timed tests this year!!
Science: today we reviewed key vocabulary and tomorrow we will take the district benchmark (this will count as a daily grade). The remainder of the week will be spent on learning about the rain forest. Specifically we will discuss interdependence of plants and animals, animal adaptations, rain forest people, food, and conservation. 

Your kids are so much more than a score. They did amazing the last two days and I am proud of their hard work and grit. Give them a big hug and also some extra dessert!!

Week of 5-14-18

We made it! The kids worked hard yesterday on the STAAR test and I suspect they will do the same today!
Math: we will continue working on financial literacy concepts and then transition into fourth grade skills. I will introduce students to 2x2 multiplication (34 x 47) and long division without remainders. We will also look decimals and what they represent/mean. 
We have our last timed test this week, it is mixed multiplication and division.
Science: We are learning about ecosystems! 

Please help if you can!

We are still in need of volunteers to work field day and to present on career day.  Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for either or both days!  


Field Day - May 18th

Field day times:

Set-up in the morning at 6:30




Please email brendaspedden@tomballisd.net if interested. 


Career Day - May 29th (all day)


We need parents with all different types of jobs to share about their profession with our 800 Willow Creek Wildcats!  We will set you up with a classroom, and kiddos will rotate through to hear your presentation every 20 minutes.   Please email jenniferherold@tomballisd.net if interested or if you have any questions. 


Thank you in advance!

Week of 4-23-18

Math: Financial literacy (saving, spending, credit, deposit, withdraw, interest) and on Wednesday we will begin our STAAR review which is just a recap of all 3rd grade skills. 
Math facts: division timed test (a practice test was sent home on Tuesday as homework)
Science: We are learning about life cycles of plants and animals. Later in the week we will start learning about food chains. 
Homework was sent home today (Tuesday) and includes a review page from the math book and timed test practice. Math homework is due on Friday.

Week of 4-9-18

Math: This week we will focus on data analysis / graphing.
Homework: Starting this week please check for STAAR math homework. Please allow your child to work on it independently and then go over it with them. Encourage (demand) that they use strategies to show their thinking. I have been doing this for 15 years, and I know strategies make a huge difference in student success!!
Math fact focus: missing factor with 3, 6, 4, and 8. Example ___ x 4 = 16. 
Science: This week we will explore inherited traits VS. learned behavior.  We are planning to have a visitor from the Texas Wildlife Association on Wednesday to share information about life cycles of plants and animals. 
Field Trip: If you haven't already done so, please send back the permission slip and a payment of $6.50 to cover the cost of admission. Although the original email said "cash only" we have now learned that a check made payable to Willow Creek is okay as well.
If you have any questions please let me know!

Week of 3-26-28

Math: We will work on measurement skills this week such as determining correct units for weight and capacity as well as learning about elapsed time. On Tuesday we will take the district math benchmark. 
Fact Focus: Our timed test will be on Thursday this week since we are off of school on Friday. This week will be a mixed multiplication test so all facts between 0 x 0 and 10 x 10 could be on the test. 
Science: On Monday we will take our unit 11 test over the water cycle and weather tools.  Later in the week we will begin talking about plant and animal traits / adaptations. 

Yearbook Message from PTO

Hello Parents!

Yearbook Memory Box orders are still open for your purchase until end of day FRIDAY MARCH 30TH!

Here is how to purchase:

  1.  Go to www.balfour.com
  2.  Find our school “Willow Creek Elementary”
  3. Click on “Yearbooks”
  4.  Click on "Yearbook Ads”
  5.  Choose either a business card or 1/8 page ad to create.  *You must then log in to build the ad.


AND you can still purchase a yearbook online as well until April 1st!

Week of 3-19-18

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your spring break (and pollen)
Math -  We are in a measurement unit.  We will be learning about the difference between area and perimeter and how we can find the area of irregular polygons.  Don't panic - there is no formula memorization in 3rd grade! We have already practiced this some on our Lone Star and Target Math Wall warm-ups.  As we move on in the unit into next week, we will also be talking about elapsed time, volume and mass in both customary and metric units.  Again, no memorization or conversions necessary!
Math Fact Focus: x3, x6, x4, x8, x7, x9
Science - We will be talking about the water cycle and the role it plays in weather.  We will also review tools used for measuring and recording weather.
Upcoming Dates to mark down:
March 27th - District Math Benchmark Test
March 30th - Holiday - Good Friday

Week of 3-5-18

Math: We will wrap up learning about 3D shapes. Students will take a quiz (daily grade) on Tuesday.
Math Fact Focus: x7 and we will take the test on Thursday because grades are due on Friday. Please help your student practice these facts. Math test scores have been very low and I am seeing students struggle with word problems because they are bogged down on computation. 
Science: We are talking about the moon, sun, and earth relationship. On Wednesday we will take the district assessment but our team decided to use it as a daily grade rather than a major - it is only 10 questions!
Friday: Run Wild at the Creek. If you plan to attend, please send back the yellow paper so a badge can be preprinted for you. This is a different policy than we have had in the past!

Week of 2-26-18 (Read Across America Week)

Math: We will wrap up our mini unit on 2D shapes and start reviewing 3D shapes. On Thursday students will take a mixed computation and word problem test. They will have to solve some addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems in isolation as well as solve some word problems where they have to decide which operation to use. We practice these skills daily through our warm up!
Math Fact Focus: X9 (next week will be x7)
Science: This week we will explore the relationship between the sun, moon and Earth and learn the difference between revolving and rotating. 
Read Across America:
Monday: Fox in Socks - Wear silly socks
Tuesday: Green Eggs and Ham - wear green
Wednesday: The Lorax - wear orange and bring your favorite Seuss book
Thursday: Cat in the Hat - wear your favorite hat
Friday: Dr. Seuss' 114th birthday. Dress as your favorite Seuss character. 

Week of 2-19-18

Math: We will begin our geometry unit today with a review of 2D shapes and our focus will be on properties of quadrilaterals. 
Fact Focus: Our timed test will be over x3, x6, x4, and x8.
Science: We are continuing to learn about the Solar System. Ask your child if they can name on the planets in order of distance from the sun... they will need to be able to do this for the test on Thursday (2/22).
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Run Wild At the Creek: Hopefully you saw the packet come home in the Wednesday folder. If every child in my class raises $20 or more, we will earn a popcorn party, shoes off and extra recess!! 
Please consider raising or donating money for this fun event. The money PTO collects directly impacts your child's schooling. The money is used for field trips, presenters, books, author visits and more!

Week of 2-12-18

Math: Fractions test on Thursday 2-15-18. A review will be sent home today (Monday) please help your child with it and send it back to school by Wednesday so we can review in class!
Math Fact test will be on Thursday as well because there is no school this coming Friday (2-16) The fact focus is x8. 
Science: We are continuing to learn about the Solar System. Ask your child if they can name on the planets in order of distance from the sun... they will need to be able to do this for the test next week!
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Fun Stuff at School: Our class Valentine party is this Wednesday (2-14) at 2:45. Please have your child bring a valentine for every student in the class. We will pass these out in the morning before specials and students will be able to read their cards at the party! Students can bring a box or bag to hold their Valentine's. 
Run Wild at the Creek pep rally will be Thursday afternoon. Look for packets to be sent home soon!
No school Friday the 16th or Monday the 19th. Enjoy your 4-day weekend!!!

Week of 2-5-18

Math: This week we will focus on comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions and partitioning fractions! Our fact focus is X4. Please help your child learn these facts, students are still struggling to master their facts and many students are making failing grades on the weekly fact test despite the practice we do each day in class.
We will have our fraction test on Thursday, February 15th. 
Science: On Monday we began our unit on the Solar System! We will be learning about the order of the planets from the sun and many other interesting facts!