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Week of 2-19-18

Math: We will begin our geometry unit today with a review of 2D shapes and our focus will be on properties of quadrilaterals. 
Fact Focus: Our timed test will be over x3, x6, x4, and x8.
Science: We are continuing to learn about the Solar System. Ask your child if they can name on the planets in order of distance from the sun... they will need to be able to do this for the test on Thursday (2/22).
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Run Wild At the Creek: Hopefully you saw the packet come home in the Wednesday folder. If every child in my class raises $20 or more, we will earn a popcorn party, shoes off and extra recess!! 
Please consider raising or donating money for this fun event. The money PTO collects directly impacts your child's schooling. The money is used for field trips, presenters, books, author visits and more!

Week of 2-12-18

Math: Fractions test on Thursday 2-15-18. A review will be sent home today (Monday) please help your child with it and send it back to school by Wednesday so we can review in class!
Math Fact test will be on Thursday as well because there is no school this coming Friday (2-16) The fact focus is x8. 
Science: We are continuing to learn about the Solar System. Ask your child if they can name on the planets in order of distance from the sun... they will need to be able to do this for the test next week!
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Fun Stuff at School: Our class Valentine party is this Wednesday (2-14) at 2:45. Please have your child bring a valentine for every student in the class. We will pass these out in the morning before specials and students will be able to read their cards at the party! Students can bring a box or bag to hold their Valentine's. 
Run Wild at the Creek pep rally will be Thursday afternoon. Look for packets to be sent home soon!
No school Friday the 16th or Monday the 19th. Enjoy your 4-day weekend!!!

Week of 2-5-18

Math: This week we will focus on comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions and partitioning fractions! Our fact focus is X4. Please help your child learn these facts, students are still struggling to master their facts and many students are making failing grades on the weekly fact test despite the practice we do each day in class.
We will have our fraction test on Thursday, February 15th. 
Science: On Monday we began our unit on the Solar System! We will be learning about the order of the planets from the sun and many other interesting facts!

Yearbook Order Form: From PTO

Hi Parents, 

If you have not yet ordered a 2017-2018 Yearbook now is your chance!  Print out this order form and send cash or a check (made out to Willow Creek PTO) with your child this week!  There are only a few days left to order and you do not want to miss out on our “If you can dream it, you can do it”  themed yearbook!

Thank you!

Yearbook Committee

Week of 1-22-18

Math: math homework is due Monday. We will take the unit 5 division test on Tuesday and begin learning about fractions on Wednesday! Our fact focus for the timed test this week will be "6's". Students should practice 6 x 0 - 6 x 10.
Science: We will continue learning about soil, weathering and erosion. We will have an open note quiz on these topics on Monday or Tuesday and then begin learning about natural resources later in the week!

Crazy Weather - Class Update!

Can you believe this school year? This weather has been insane!! I hope you are staying safe and warm and I also hope you are enjoying this extra family time!
While your kids are bored tomorrow, please have them practice their math facts - we WILL have a timed test this Friday over our "3's." Students need to know    3 x 0 through 3 x 10!! Our division test will be postponed until next Tuesday or Wednesday. When we finally get back into the classroom I will send another update.
Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Week of 12-11-17

Math: We will continue working on problem solving, 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication and learning our basic facts! This week's timed test will be over our x0, and x1 facts. After break we will jump into harder tests beginning with x3. If you need the Xtramath login information please let me know. It is a fabulous and free online tool to help your child become fluent in their facts. I have offered incentives as well for reaching different goals within the program!! 
I am sending home a math test review as homework. Please have your child bring it back to school by Wednesday so we can discuss it together in class. On Thursday we will have a review and the unit 4 (multiplication) test will be on Friday. 
Science: We will continue learning about rapid changes to our Earth such as earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes. This information will be assessed on Monday the 18th. 
School Nurse update

This is a reminder to Download the Kinsa ap and join the Willow Creek (two words) community in Tomball TX!!! When you download the app you will get a FREE digital thermometer to use with the app. A flyer was sent home in the last Wednesday folder. 

Week of 12-4-17

Math Facts: Students MUST practice their math facts at home. Just like students practice their spelling words weekly, the district expects them to practice their facts. This week's timed test will cover x2, x5, and x10. Please only practice these facts. I recommend pulling the twos, fives and tens out of a deck of flash cards (can be purchased at the dollar store) and practicing just those facts every night for 5-10 minutes. It can be done right after spelling practice or, at my house, we keep the cards by our dinner table and we practice them while I am making dinner or right afterward - keeping them there helps us remember!! Students do not need to learn their 11's or 12's so those can be pulled out of their practice deck. Thank you for your help!! 
Math: This week we will continue to solve multiplication word problems, use models and strategies to solve for unknown facts, learn about finding the area of a rectangle and I will introduce solving 2-digit by 1-digit problems (23 x 4). 
Science: Monday we will take our unit 6 test over forces and motion. On Tuesday we will begin our unit on land forms and rapid changes to the Earth's surface. Wednesday will be a review of all previously learned science topics for our district benchmark on Thursday. 
Upcoming Events: Our class will lead the Rise and Shine morning assembly the week of 12-18-17. Since this is the week before break, I would love it if we could be overly festive! I am encouraging students to wear holiday colors or shirts and even Santa hats or reindeer headbands... anything fun for the holidays.
Monday 12-18: Regular day - wear holiday shirts 
Tuesday 12-19: "Grinch day" so please plan to wear green!! 
Wednesday 12-20:Regular day - wear holiday shirts
Thursday 12- 21: Class party in the afternoon (more details to follow)
Friday 12-22: Polar Express Day - wear pajamas. Early dismissal  @ 12:50

Week of 11-27-17

Math:  We are working on multiplication.  Today I met with students in small groups.  Most of them already know, or have a good grasp, of their multiplication facts.  I am not spending a lot of class time on memorization - that should be done at home.  In class, we are working on identifying models of multiplication, how to solve word problems involving multiplication and next week will practice multiplying bigger numbers.  Third graders are expected to be able to multiply two-digit by 1 digit numbers (46 x 3).  They are not required to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit.  Fact fluency is very important.  Please encourage your child to work on his/her facts every night at home until they are memorized (up to 10 x 10).
Their fact test this week is over X2s and X5s.
Science:  We are wrapping up our energy units by finishing our discussion of forces and motion.  We have done activities that involve gravity and friction, and this week are looking at magnetism and a quick look at simple machines.  Students will have their unit test over this next week Monday  They received a study guide yesterday which we discussed in class.
Just a reminder - we will all be going to the Nutcracker Ballet at Tomball High School on Friday morning.  Students should wear a WCES shirt or a Christmas shirt.  We will load busses as soon as Rise and Shine is over (by 8:45) and will be back before lunch.  Specials will be at the end of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all enjoying your break from school and routine and I also hope you are enjoying your family time!! 
If your children are super bored (ha!) please encourage them to practice their multiplication facts. Next week will take the x2 and x5 fact test on Friday. Students should be working towards memorization but while we are working towards mastery they should be using the patterns to help.
For the x2 facts, we are just finding doubles (ex) 4 x 2 is the same as 4 + 4.
They can skip count by 5 to find the product to the x5 facts. (ex) 4 x 5 is the same thing as 4 groups of 5... 5, 10, 15, 20. 
Students can use flash cards to practice, or websites such as xtramath.org, multiplication.com and First in Math. Links can be found on my links page on the menu on the right side of this page. 
Enjoy your holiday!!! Can't wait to see my class again in a few more days!

First In Math

Having your student practice math with First in Math will help them learn their math facts and allow them to practice other math skills which will build their math confidence and ability.
U: tomball + lunch number (ex) tomball123456
P: tisd + birthdate (ex) tisd04082007

Week of 11-13-17

Math:  We are finishing up our subtraction unit.  Students will take their subtraction unit test Wednesday.  Thursday we are starting.....wait for it....multiplication!!!  (The kids let out a cheer of excitement when I told them!)  The fact test this Friday will be of X10 facts.  We discussed today how that just means a zero at the end of the other factor.
Science: In Science, we have started a new unit on Forces and Motion.  We will be doing a lab on Thursday (fingers crossed) to see how the force of friction effects objects in motion!
I hope all of you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving break!