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Week of 12-10-18

Solving multiplication word problems and using repeated addition to solve 2-digit times 1-digit problems (24 x 3). I will send home homework on Tuesday and it is due Thursday. This will be short and sweet! Our unit 4 multiplication test will be this Friday, the 14th. Our timed test this week will cover x0 and x1 facts!! 
Science: study guide will come home Tuesday as well, and our test will be on 12-17. It will count as 1/2 of a major grade. This week will continue focusing on landforms and cause/ effect relationships of rapid changes to our Earth. 

Week of December 3rd

Math: we will continue learning about multiplication. Students should have a pretty solid understanding that multiplication is equal groups and repeated addition. We can find the answers to multiplication questions like 4 x 3 by using strategies such as;
  1. repeated addition (3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12)
  2. skip counting (3, 6, 9, 12)
  3. drawing pictures of equal groups (draw 4 circles and place 3 dots in each circle to find the total)
This week we will practice solving multiplication word problems and explore input/output tables. Please help your child start memorizing multiplication facts. This is a KEY foundational skill for 3rd grade and without fact memorization, students will struggle this year and be unprepared for 4th grade math (long division, reducing fractions, finding common denominators etc) We will have a multiplication unit test on Friday the 14th of December. Look for a review to come home next week. 
Fact Test: this Friday our timed test will cover x2, x5, and x10 facts. There will always be 24 questions and students will have 2 minutes to complete the test. The following week, our test will be over x0 and x1 facts. I am attaching a picture with the scope of our upcoming tests for the 3rd nine weeks. 
** we use a website called Xtramath most days in class. This is an excellent program for fact mastery and it's free! If you would like your child to use the program at home, please let me know and I'll send you their special code. The more the students use this program, the easier they learn their facts! Check out my "links" tab on the right for more online games. 
Monday: first semester review game 
Tuesday: district benchmark (this will be a daily grade) 
Wednesday - Friday: we will be talking about landforms. Students will be expected to know each landform by it's definition and be able to identify the landforms when viewing a picture. We will do lots of practice in class and add notes to our notebooks to use for an upcoming grade. I will also be sending home a vocabulary study guide later in the week.

Week of 11-12-18

Math: On Monday we will check math homework together as a review. Our math test is this Tuesday, the 13th. 
For the rest of the week we will work on addition and subtraction mixed - our focus will be on reading word problems and determining which operation is needed to solve the problem. We will also begin exploring multiplication. Students will understand that the symbol (X) means "groups of" and multiplication is the repeated addition of equal sized groups!
Our timed test this week will be x 10. We will work on this in class but they should practice a few minutes each night at home. Students will solve problems from 10 x 0 through 10 x 10. 
Science: This week we will wrap up our understanding of gravity, magnetism, forces (push and pull) and friction. Our unit test will be this Thursday. A study guide is attached and I will email it as well. 

Week of 10-29

Math: subtraction word problems. Continue working on subtraction with regrouping (506 - 387)
Timed test this Friday over mixed addition and subtraction
Science: Test review Tuesday and Unit 5 (forms of energy) test on Wednesday. On Thursday we will begin our unit on forces and motion.

Week of 10-22-18

In math this week we will work on subtraction with regrouping. This is a tricky skill so if your child didn't understand this skill in 2nd grade please spend some time practicing at home. This website is great for explaining the steps and this website has some practice pages for you to print and use at home if you are interested. We will take a grade over this skill on Friday or next Monday. 
Our timed test this week is mixed addition and subtraction. We will work on this skill for a few more weeks. In a few weeks we will have our first multiplication fact test over x10 facts (3 x 10, 10 x 5) 
Science: We will continue talking about and exploring sound, light and thermal energy. I will send home a science study guide on Wednesday. Our test will be next Tuesday. 

Week of 10-15-18

Math fact focus: Doubles and near doubles (6 + 6 and 6 + 7)
Math: Unit 2 (addition problem solving) test on Friday 
Monday - Input/output tables with addition. Review addition number lines.
Test Review Homework will be sent home today - due Thursday!
Tuesday - District Interim assessment (not graded, for data purposes only) 
Wednesday - Unit 2 in-class review (addition problem solving)
Thursday - Homework due - we will check together in class
Friday - timed test and Unit 2 addition test
This week we will focus on light and thermal energy through several small science labs. A study guide will be sent home by the end of the week for next week's test. Remember the science text book can be viewed online. Click on my "links" tab and follow the log in information. 

Week of 10-8-18

Thursday is Picture day 

Monday: No school for students 
Tuesday: represent 2-step addition problems (daily grade over 1-step problems)
Wednesday: place value and one-step addition test 
Thursday: Solve one-step addition problems and timed test (adding and subtracting with 0, 1, and 2)
Friday: Solve two-step addition problems 
Science: This week we will focus on sound energy (students will learn that sound is caused through vibrations)

Week of 10-1-18

Monday: review addition with and without grouping
Tuesday - Thursday: represent one-step addition problems using equations, strip diagrams and number lines
Friday: short 10 question daily grade over one-step addition problems
and timed test #3. This week's timed test is a review of doubles (4 + 4) halves (16 - 8) and using ten (10 + 4)
Monday: sink and float * ask about paper clip boats
Tuesday/ Wednesday: explore mixtures. What properties make something a mixture?
Thursday: Unit 3 test (11 questions) we will review in class before the test.
Friday: No science - early dismissal at 12:50

Week of 9-24-18

Monday: In-Class review of unit 1 test
Tuesday: Unit 1 (Place Value) test
Wednesday: Learn expectations for math groups and math stations
Thursday: Review most missed test questions in small groups
Friday: Review most missed test questions in small groups
           Timed Test - addition and subtraction with 10 (10 + 4, 18 - 10)
Monday: Review matter concepts / mini lab 
Tuesday: In-class test review
Wednesday: Unit 2 (Matter) test
Thursday: Begin sink/float unit with a mini lab
Friday: Sink and float

Rounding Help

I know rounding can be a challenge. Our goal as third grade teachers is to get the kids to use number sense to really understand what we are doing when we round. If students can identify the 2 tens a number comes between and the midpoint, they can easily see what number to round to. (ex) 78 is between 70 and 80. The midpoint is 75. Since 78 is MORE than 75, we round 78 to 80. 
If you're child is struggling, please consider using these resources at home. We will revisit this skill all year long though so don't panic if they don't get it just yet!
Online Game Practice (I Know It)