Attendance Secretary/Registrar



How do I enroll my student online for WCES? 

    • Students may only be enrolled by their legal guardian.  The link for the full enrollment process is to the right.  Please read all as it provides you with all the information you will need.
    • Make sure you have all your documents ready to be uploaded into the tab called "documents" when enrolling your student in the TISD link.
    • Once you have completed the online registration process, the guardian will need to email the Registrar to set up an appointment to complete the process.
How to ENROLL online - click on the document below my name.

How do I withdraw my student from WCES?


    • Students may only be withdrawn by their legal guardian. 
    • The link with the full withdrawal process is to the right.
How to WITHDRAW my student - click on the document below my name.

How do I change my contact information online?

    • Phone numbers and Email addresses may be updated in the Home Access Center (HAC) - Directions on updating this information is provided in the link to the right. 
    • Address changes can only be updated through the Registrar's Office.  Current proof of residency (electric bill, gas bill, water bill, etc.) in the guardian’s name must be provided before the records will be updated.
    • Contact the Registrar's Office to update emergency contact information as to who is allowed to pick-up students.
How to CHANGE CONTACT INFORMATION online - click on the document below my name.
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If your child is absent, an excuse note must be received within three days of a student’s return. Absences can only be excused with a note from the doctor or signed by student’s parent or legal guardian.  Absence notes must include:

  • The child's first and last name
  • The note must cover all days the student was absent
  • Include the reason for the absence
  • Must be received in the attendance office no more than 3 days
Students must be present for 90% of the school year to receive course credit for the year. Truancy prevention measures begin after three or more unexcused absences in a 28 day period.

For more information on attendance policies please visit the link under my picture on this page to view the Student Handbook.