I am super excited about teaching PE this year at WCES.  I am starting my 22nd year here at WCES!!
I am married to a teacher and coach and we have 3 beautiful children. Rylan is my oldest daughter.  She is a Sophomore at Texas A&M. Kinlea is in the 11th grade and Karson is a 8th grader.   All of my kiddos went to WCES!
I grew up in Kansas where my love for sports began. I had three brothers and spent most of my elementary years playing sports. In high school I played everything.  I wanted to go to college and I felt my best chance was through sports.  I trained hard and studied hard too.  My dream became a reality when I was a senior in High School and was given scholarships in both volleyball and softball.  I decided to play softball and I traveled from Kansas to Lake Charles, LA on a full softball scholarship. 
I spent my first year out of college coaching softball teams.  I loved watching how much kids can grow through sports. I became an elementary teacher in 2000 and I have not looked back.  Kids love PE and I share their passion.  We get to learn new games, socially interact, and be physically active.  It doesn't get much better than that.  My goal is that all students embrace a lifestyle of physical activity.