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Conference Time: 9:00-10:00am
Phone: 281-357-3080 X3471
E-Mail: rebekahcollins@tomballisd.net
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Please visit mine and Mrs. Gonzales websites frequently & be sure to subscribe to get alerts when we post new material to our sites. We have so much to look forward to this year and I am excited to get to know each of you better and better each day. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. I'm here to work with you and I look forward to an exciting and educational year!
                                                          ALL ABOUT MRS. COLLINS
 I am super excited to incorporate my experience of 7 years teaching Language Arts/ Reading/ Writing into Math & Science. Our Math & Science teaching team in 3rd grade  is thrilled to work together to plan powerful instruction for your children. I will be incorporating the classroom model of Guided Math along with other teaching models to present mathematical concepts. I will be implementing this model for my classroom structure. We can talk more about this at Parent Orientation, but I am super excited. I have fallen in love with teaching math. There is nothing more amazing then discovering each child's math brain. Children all learn in different ways and I truly enjoy teaching to fit their needs. 

On a more personal note... I have a strong passion for teaching. This will be my 10th year to teach at Willow Creek and my 7th year to teach 3rd grade! My first two years of teaching experience were in 4th grade Language Arts. I absolutely love what I do! I started pursuing education at the age of 21 working as a paraprofessional at Nitsch Elementary in Klein ISD. After deciding to become a full time student at Sam Houston State, I started substitute teaching in Klein for the following two years. I graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas in August of 2008. My first year of teaching I was recognized as Elementary Rookie Teacher of the Year.
I am a proud mommy of two precious baby boys named Everett & Cooper. Everett is 7 & Cooper is 4. They are my treasures. Not only am I your child's teacher but I am also a fellow mommy. I cannot believe how fast they are growing! Everett will be a 2nd grader this year at WCES in Mrs. Madere's class! Cooper is going into Pre-K and will be joining us at WCES next year! It is a blessing to watch him and Everett develop a brotherly relationship! They never argue. LOL ;)

Please know that I treasure every day that you trust me with teach your precious child. I understand how hard it is to let go and put your trust in someone else! Trust me. I have your child's best interest at heart and hope that they have a great year. Remember, you are the expert on your child! We are going to be a team this year to ensure your child reaches their goals. 
Please look on-line to see your child's grades on a regular basis. If you happen to see a blank in the space, it means they have not turned in this assignment for a grade. I periodically alert students of missing assignments so the children are aware of what they need to accomplish during independent work time. If students choose to waste their work time, this can become an issue. We do offer study hall during recess time for any students that need to make-up work assignments. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to complete and turn in work. This responsibility skill will effect them in the future. I want all of the students to be successful! I will take work assignments late, but at times there maybe a point deduction.

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ecosystems notes for discussion

Discussion points:
Why is a pond a good habitat for a frog?
-water for moist skin & a safe place to lay eggs underwater under a lily pad or on a stem underwater
-lily pads provide a means of travel for frog to hop across pond to capture insects
-tall grass/ log- shelter & protection
- food supply: insects & worms 
How does a tree provide shelter & food for various living organisms?
Land Ecosystems
desert, rain forest, foresst, grasslands, plains, mountains, tundra, jungle, polar regions, hills
aquatic ecosystems- 
puddle, ocean, pond, lake, stream, river, swamp, lagoon, coast line, coral reef
various living organisms can reside in all different ecosystems such as a snake:
deserts, forests, ponds, rivers, jungle, rain forest, grassland, swamps
What would happen to plants in a forest if a drought was taking place in the area?  The plants would die due to lack of water.
What would animals do if a natural disaster or fire destroyed their habitat or ecosystem? They would have to search for a different habitat.