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This will be my 23rd year of teaching 4th grade in Tomball ISD (26 years in Texas). I started teaching in 1980 in California. After teaching in California for a few years, I got married and moved to Texas. I have specialized training in the Gifted and Talented, holding a Texas State GT Endorsement from the University of St. Thomas (which in laymans language that is like a masters degree in GT) and have been teaching GT for most of my years in Tomball ISD. In the past, I have received distinguished honors from Tomball ISD such as : Best Teacher Practices, and A+ Teacher Award. I have worked as Grade level leader, Math Core Trainer, Language Arts Core Trainer and Curriculum Writer for Language Arts and Math in Tomball ISD. I was nominated for Texas State GT Teacher of the Year for Tomball ISD. Teaching is my passion and I feel very blessed and honored to be contributing to the success of students and families in Tomball ISD.  I want this year to be an amazing year of growth, learning, and fun for your child.  If there is anything I can do to facilitate this please let me know!

Contact Information:

Willowcreek Elementary School

Room # 214

phone:     (281)357-3080 ext. 3499

email:       karenkeller@tomballisd.net

Conference Time:    11:10-12:10  (Scheduled administrative meetings every Thursday and Friday)

:)  this website is always under construction! :) If you think of info I should include, do not hesitate to email me.

Recent Posts

Valentines Box and party tomorrow! Reading Test Thursday.

*Students need to bring their "Think Out of the Box!" Valentine box tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 14th .  Note was sent home in Wednesday folder last week.
*Valentine Party tomorrow at 2:45.  Set up for party is 2:30.  Hopefully it will be a nice day so the kids can go outside while moms set up for the party.
*Each child needs to bring valentines for the entire class (not just a select few).Of course, candy is allowed on Valentine's Day!
*We have been studying poetry since the Christmas break. Poetry test will be Thursday.  Reading District Benchmark will be in 2 weeks.

Reading Testing results in yesterdays Wed. folder:

*    Yesterday, I sent home reading testing results in your child's Wednesday folder. It showed 3 different months of reading testing (Sept., Nov., and Dec.) with the reading level listed.  I wanted to keep you informed. We will be taking another reading progress monitoring test next week on the computer as well.
     Many children have gone up dramatically in their reading levels! If your child has had a "dip" in their reading level, don't be too alarmed.  They could have just had a bad day, or not taken the test as seriously as they could have.  Please talk with them about the results, and encourage them to do better next week!   I do expect each child's reading level to go up, even if they are above level!  We can all grow each day. 
     Reading for AR and making their AR goal is one factor in all of this growth. Please be sure your child is reading at least 30 minutes each night at home.  Also, have your child pull up their AR and show you their progress and their new goal. This goal is due on the last day of the 3rd nine weeks.

Test coming!

*Tomorrow, Jan. 31st, will be TISD 4th grade Writing Benchmark testing. It is basically a mini-writing STAAR test. This will be for a grade.
*Friday, Feb. 2nd, my 4th graders will have a vocabulary test/Explorers for Social Studies. Students have been practicing in class, but can practice at home using the website  www.studystack.com  .  Each student has created their own account and entered the information. They can play games and take practice quizzes to get ready for the test.
*Friday, Feb 2nd, Spelling Test for lesson 16.
*Next week, Wednesday, Feb.7th will be TISD 4th grade Reading Benchmark testing. this will be for a grade.This will be for a grade.

Merry Christmas! Thank you all for the sweet christmas gifts!

Thank you so much for the sweet Christmas gifts! I was truly overwhelmed by all the love and support!  I have two classes of some very sweet children and feel very blessed to be in their lives.  Be safe and happy on our wonderful winter break!  Praying and wishing you many blessings!
                                  Mrs. Keller

Glue needed!

* We really need more glue. If you could send a new glue bottle for the second semester, it would be helpful!

Tests this week:

* Wednesday will be a reading test.
*Friday will be a social studies benchmark test and a spelling test. (we will not have spelling test next week)

Student's AR Reading goal is due the end of next week!

*Please encourage your child to read for AR at home! They should be reading 30 minutes per night. A good percent of the pm class has met their goal! The AM class has many that have still not met their goal.  You can ask your child to pull up their AR at home and show you their goal (and points earned).  They cannot take tests at home, but you can view their results.
* Today will be the last day to present the Indian projects.  Students will need to bring home their project by next week.  All project shelter models are in the library. If you need to make arrangements to pick them up, please do so.  Some students have taken them home on the bus, if they are not too big or heavy.

Many home sick today and some sent home vomitting with fever.

*Be talk to your child about washing their hands at home and at school. We have many kids getting sick. 

Note about Holiday Party from our Room Mom:

Dear Parents of Mrs. Keller’s class,

My name is Shalonda Chaddock, and I am the homeroom parent for Mrs. Keller’s class this year.  We are coming up on the Winter Class Party which is:

 Holiday Party: Thursday, December 21nd from 2:45-3:30

 We are in need of a few things to make this party a success, so I created a volunteer signup link for our classes needs and you can find it by typing in the address below



A few important details about the party

  1. We will start the party decorating white iced cupcakes that will be provided by the PTO. 
    2.  While the kids are eating we will also be making “Snowman Soup” (each child will have a plastic baggie with ingredients to put together to make their own “snowman Soup”, which includes a packet of hot chocolate, handful of marshmallows, a few Hershey kisses, MINI candy can stirring stick, and ribbon to tie it all up with a bow)
    3.  We will conclude the party with a white elephant gift exchange, so I am asking that each child BRING A $3-$5 PREWRAPPED gift for the gift exchange, this will ensure that each child brings a gift and leaves with a gift. (gift ideas: books, Christmas ornament, Christmas mug, holiday socks, pretty much check out the target and walmart dollar spots)

    Teacher Gift and Co-Homeroom parent?

    Since I do not have a co home room parent, if anyone is interested in jumping on board with me and taking the co parent job I'd be forever grateful!  Bonus you get to get into the parties early with me :)
    If you need to reach me for anything please text 832-229-8404

Last night to order class T-shirts!

*T-shirt orders are due by Dec. 1st, which is tomorrow.  Please scroll down to click the link, to sign up for your child's class T-shirt. Fourth grade is taking the orders online this year, using "School Cash Online".  Students wear these shirts many times for 4th grade so it is wise to order one. Thank you very much!
                                            Mrs. Keller

Texas Indian Shelter project due Dec. 6th, next week!


*Google Docs presentation should be completed in Google Drive.  Your child can sign in to google with their
username:  st # @elem.tomballschools.net
password:  tisd          birthdaydate (8 digits)

Indian Project due date change!

*The new due date for the Indian Shelter project has changed to Wednesday Dec. 6th.  You get one more day! That way the kids will have Monday and Tuesday to work more on their slide presentation, using the chrome books.  Please do not send the Indian Shelter to school until Wed. Dec. 6th.  They will be displayed in the library,  but will have to be taken home before Christmas break. 

Please order a class shirt for your child!

*Please order a class shirt for your child by Dec 1st.  It is important for all 4th graders to have one. We wear them 4-5 times at least. Click on the link in the post below to order.  Only 12 students have ordered shirts so far.
*Students have been working very hard on writing our personal narrative essays. I have given many writing lessons to help them through the process. The personal narrative essay will be a major grade. It does take a while for me to grade all 44 essays. The final copy of the essay (with the rubric) will be placed in the student's TISD purple Writing Folder, to be passed on to upper grades.
*Reading and Writing CBA grades have been entered. They are each a daily grade this nine weeks. I will be going over each problem they missed with them in small group, during intervention time. We are not allowed to send home the actual tests, but I have written their grade on the scantron, and will send that home in the Wednesday Folder.
*Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!  Enjoy your time at home and with family!

Class Shirt orders:

Attention 4th Grade Parents:

It's that time of year again to order your student's class t-shirt.  Each class will have their own color.  We wear our class shirts several times throughout the year.
This year,  we’ve made it easier to where you can order online.  You should have received an email with the website information; if you  didn’t please click on the website below.




Orders are due no later than December 1, 2017.


If you are unable to order online, please let us know as soon possible.

 Boone—Neon Green

Keller—Sky Blue

Kilpatrick—Indigo Blue




Qualls—Safety (Neon) Pink

Walther—Irish Green

Reading Benchmark for Tomball ISD

*Tomorrow, Wedsnesday Nov. 8th, students in my classes will be taken a Reading Benchmark Test assigned by the district.  If more time is needed, they will finish on Thursday.  Project presentations will continue after the test.