Student rules:

Be a respectful, responsible citizen.
Be kind, cooperative, peaceful, and safe.
I will remember how to act in all places in the school, and outside too.

I will be sending home projects throughout the year for you to work on with your child.  It is a fun way for you to get involved in what we are doing at school.
A poetry folder will be coming home on most Fridays and needs to be returned on the following Monday .
 I will be sending home readers and activities to do with your child as part of their homework starting later in the Fall semester.
This is an activity that I will do with them in small groups and then send home for you to do also. This is a very important way for you to encourage your child's reading development and success. Please read the books and then return them within 2 days, so that I can send another book home. Any lost home readers will cost $5.00.