Online Learning Week 1

Welcome to Mrs. Hulett’s Virtual Online class.  

Our class Edlio page will contain postings every week for engagement activities to complete at home.  Each week will contain new online interactive lessons for your child to take part in. Learning will look different these next few weeks as compared to a classroom setting.  We will be available via e-mail to answer any questions that you may have. 

My office hours for the week will be on Monday, from 2:00-2:30.  Though these are specific hours for the week, I will be available throughout the week if you have questions.

As of now, we will not be taking any grades but would love for all of our students to engage in the activities.  Happy Learning!

-Kindergarten Team

Here are a couple of things you will need to access the lessons provided.

To get on Clever- you will have to use your child's google e-mail:


Username: Your student’s ID 


Password: tisd+8 digit Birthdate

(ex: tisd09232010 - for birthdate of September 23, 2010)​


A to Z reading is also called RAZ kids and the password is jhulett0- (that is a zero).

Week 1

Language Arts:

Activity  1 - Scholastic Online learning

Please watch “Rabbits”

  • Read the Fiction and Non-Fiction Book
  • Watch the Video and complete the activity
  • Additional fiction choice:  Peter Rabbit on Storyline.  They should pay close attention to the illustrations. Illustrations can often tell us more about the story and give us a feeling about the story.   After listening students should identify the problem and solution. Talk about a time when they disobeyed a parent. What happened? How did that make you feel?

Activity 2 - Scholastic Online learning

 Please watch “And then It’s Spring”

  • Read the Fiction and Non-Fiction Book “How Do You Know It’s Spring”
  • Watch the Video and complete the activity

Sight Words

4th 9 weeks sight words:  or, come, do, have, all, out, be, saw, from, went, this, he

Things to do with your sight words-  make 2 sets and play memory, tape them up around the house and students read/write them as they find them, make sight words with playdough; write sight words in shaving cream


Phonemic Awareness activities:Rock and Learn CVC Words 

Starfall is a website you can access through Clever.  This section focuses on a lot of the phonetic skills we are working on:  Starfall- Learn to Read and Word Machines



Log into Kids A-Z and read one book a day and take the quiz.

All kindergarten students have a username/password for Kids A-Z

Teachers will be able to monitor students progress here. 


Gregg Tang math through the Clever Portal- Play ten frame mania.

Freckle - access through Clever Portal:  complete math assignment

Social Studies: Chronological Order

First, Next, Last Sesame Street 

Create a day timeline: draw pictures of what they do in the morning, afternoon, night. 


Great Expectations:

Word of the week- flexibility: the ability to make adjustments or alter plans.

Find and talk about a time where you showed flexibility this week!

Science: Spring/ animals

Watch video- Spring and take online easy quiz

Go outside and look around. Write and draw about the seasonal changes you may see- flowers blooming, grass growing, animals, etc…  Label the picture too!

Spring is here


Read any book about Mammals on MyOn.  Access on through clever page

Steps to get to MyON:

  1. Clever Classroom
  2. Log in as a Student (Upper Right Hand Corner)
  3. Enter School Name -- Willow Creek Elementary Tomball ISD
  4. Log in with Google
  5. Sign in to continue to Clever -- enter student's school email  -- click next
  6. Enter student’s school password -- click next
  7. Scroll down and click on MYON!  You did it!

On-going Activities: (accessed from Clever) 


Raz-Kids/Myon/Freckle/First in Math (available to play around with)



Spring JH