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Room # 215
(281)357-3080 ext. 3500

Conference Time:    11:10-12:10

First of all, I would like to welcome you to our class! I am looking forward to an exciting year with everyone!


Our Classroom Creed: 

To be continued...We will create together the first couple weeks of school.

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Recent Posts

Week 23: Feb. 12-16

Week 23: Feb. 12-16
* Valentine's Party this Wednesday!  Parents are welcome to attend. Please make sure your child has a valentine for each student in the class.   Also, make sure your child has a labeled box or bag to place their valentines in.  They can bring them in early if you like. 
* Girl Talk Thursday- Just a reminder your girls may come home with questions... oh my- I'm not ready!  If they ask me, I will tell them to ask you! lol
*100th day of school Thursday- dress up is optional. 
*No School- Feb. 16th and Feb. 19th
*Pep Rally for Run Wild is Feb. 15th, packets come home Feb. 14th. :-)
In Math this week we will focus on elapsed time.  We will review reading a clock discussing 1/2 past, quarter after, etc. and will convert time such as 3 hours= how many minutes, etc.  Homework is due Thursday this week.  If students are ready we will have a daily grade over time Thursday, if not, we will wait and quiz Tuesday when we return from the weekend. 
In Science this week, we will finish up our weather unit.  We will start our weather reports Monday and will finish Tuesday.  I will record them and share with students on their google drive for them to share with you.  Next we will begin Weathering, erosion, and deposition.  Ask them to sing your our W.E.D song! 

Week 22: Feb. 5-9

Week 22: Feb. 5-9
*Just a reminder if you have not turned in your field trip form please do so ASAP. If you need another copy, please email me and I will put one in your child's homework folder.  
*Valentine's Party is next Wednesday, Feb. 14th at 2:45 pm.  Parents are welcome to attend.
*100th day of school is next Thursday, Feb. 15th.  Dress up is optional. :-)
*No School- Feb. 16th and Feb. 19th
*Run Wild fundraiser packets will come home Feb. 14th.
*Go Texan Day is Feb. 23rd- Dress up is optional
*Dr. Seuss week Feb. 26th- March 2nd (just so you can start thinking about it- the dress up is easy, thankfully)
Monday-silly socks
Tuesday-Wear green (Green Eggs and Ham)
Wednesday-bring your fav. Dr. Seuss book and wear orange
Thursday-Wear hat
Friday- dress up as your fav. Dr. Seuss character
*Field Trip- March 7th- Just a reminder, any parent is welcome to meet us there to walk around with your child.  We have certain parents who have volunteered to be official chaperones and will be walking around with a small group of students.  We really could use a few more chaperons.  I promise to put you with your child.  :-)  If you do plan to stop by, just be aware that the facility is very big and it can be hard to find your kiddo's group sometimes.  (this happened last year, it took a mom over 30 min. to find her child).  If you plan to attend buy your ticket at the front and make sure to get the cooperate rate by mentioning you are there for the WCES field trip.   All WCES students will ride back on the school bus.  Parents are not allowed to take their child home from the museum.  
In Math this week we will continue our Measurement unit.  Last week we talked about customary units and this week we will talk about metric.  We will have a quiz over metric units Friday and math homework is due then also.   
Car talk/dinner questions: 
How many inches are in a foot?
How many feet are in a yard?
How big is an inch, foot, yard, mile?
How big is a millimeter? (thickness of a dime)
How big is a centimeter? (skittle, with of index finger)
How many CENTImeters are in a meter? (100!! century- 100 years)
In Science this week we will continue to discuss weather and will start our weather map project.  Friday we will have an open notes/book quiz over weather terms.
Car talk/dinner questions: 
What is the difference between a tornado and a hurricane?  
What are some weather tools you have learned about?  
What is a meteorologist?  What is meteorology?
If there is high pressure, what type of day is it? pretty, clear skies, sunshine
If there is low pressure, what type of day is it? stormy, cloudy


Week 21: January 29-February 2

Week 21: January 29-February 2

*Don't forget to fill out and return your field trip paperwork.  Also, you can make the $9.00 entrance fee online at the website below.


*Parents of 4th grade girls: There will be a purple flyer coming home tomorrow about puberty and growth and development.  The girls will more than likely be coming home asking tons of questions about this letter.  I just wanted to give you a heads up. :-) It's that time... trust me I am not ready either.  

In math this week, we will be introducing measurement.  We will be starting with customary measurement and relative size.  We have started estimating about how big something is in real life.  This is something you could do in the car on the way home, while you're at dinner, or any where.  We will start converting customary measurement later in the week.  Homework came home on Friday (Math book pgs. 627-628, 633-634, and 639-640 (They are to do odd #'s only))  it will be due this Friday.  

In science, we will be continuing the water cycle and will start our weather unit.  Please have your child watch the weather forecast either at night or in the morning.  We will be having discussions in class about weather symbols, High and Low pressure, and fronts in class.  Discussions at home are always encouraged as well. :) 

I hope you have a great week!



Hi Parents, 

If you have not yet ordered a 2017-2018 Yearbook now is your chance!  Print out this order form and send cash or a check (made out to Willow Creek PTO) with your child this week!  There are only a few days left to order and you do not want to miss out on our “If you can dream it, you can do it”  themed yearbook!


Thank you!

Week 20: January 22-26

Week 20: January 22-26
*Report Card Awards- Jan. 24th at 9:45 am (Parents are welcome to join us in the Cafeteria)
*Our Field Trip is coming up!  2 important flyers will be coming home in Wednesday folders this week about it.  Please email me with any questions after reading the forms.  Please return the forms as soon as you can.  We will be looking for chaperones to help this day, please let me know if you can join us and have a group! :-)
*4th grade Market Day is in May.  A flyer with details will come home this Wednesday.  
* Valentine's list will come home Wednesday. Students will need to bring a Valentine for each student in the class.  We have 20 students.  Also, students will need a decorated box or bag with their name on it for the Valentine's to go in.  Our Valentine's Party will be Feb. 14th at 2:45 pm.  As always, parents are welcome to attend. 
It is a busy time, I know.  I will do my best to send out reminders and things as we go along.  If you are anything like me the more reminders the better! ha 
In Math this week we are wrapping up our Fractions Unit!  We will quiz over fractions tomorrow and Test over this Unit Friday.  Students can prepare by studying their math journal.  We will also be reviewing heavily in class Thursday. Math homework is due Friday and new homework will come home then. 
In Science this week we will test over Soil and Natural Resources tomorrow! I sent home a review sheet Friday.  I have attached it in case your child has misplaced it.  We will begin Weather next. 

Week 19: Jan. 18-19

Week 19: January 16-19

Week 19: January 16-19
What a crazy week!!!  I hope all of you have been keeping warm and safe!  Please make sure your child is wearing/bringing a jacket to school.  If we go to recess, a jacket is a must in order to go outside.
January 24 - 9 week awards at 9:45am, parents are welcome to come.  Also, important papers will be coming home in the Wednesday folder next week concerning the field trip in March and information on Market Day in May.  Please keep an eye out for those.
In Math for the rest of the week, we will be continuing our unit on fractions.  We will be comparing fractions using a variety of different strategies.  Homework will still be coming home on Friday (Math book pgs 539-540 and 597-598) and will be due next Friday.  Last week's homework is still due tomorrow.  We will be having a quiz on fractions next week.
In science, we will be continuing with natural resources.  Our test will be next Wednesday, January 24.  A review sheet will be coming home tomorrow.  Students can use their INB, science magazine, and review sheet to study.  

Class Shirts!!

Class shirts are coming home today!! They are so cute!! Please make sure your child keeps up with this shirt.  We will need it for several activities and filed trips this year. 

9 weeks Award Ceremony

There has been a change to the 9 weeks Award Ceremony for the 2nd 9 weeks.  I originally sent out that it would be Jan. 26th, but it will be Jan. 24th instead at the same time, 9:45 am.  Sorry for any confusion. 

Week 18: Jan. 10-12

Week 18: Jan. 10-12
No School- Jan. 15th
Market Day letter comes home- Jan. 17th
Field Trip letter comes home- Jan. 24th (Houston Science Museum) 
Report card Award Ceremony- Jan. 26th 9:45 am Parents welcome to attend
Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday break!  Our family enjoyed family time and SLEEPING IN!!  I want to say thank you so much for all the generous gifts I received for Christmas, I was overwhelmed with your generosity! :-)
Supplies Shortage: 
If you are able to donate, we are in need of the following: 
*clorox wipes
*baby wipes 
*febreez (stinky after recess) 
*scissors (student size)
*Black Sharpies (reg. and fine tip)
*colored pencils
We will ease our way back into it this week, it will be nice to start back with a 3 day week.  
In Math this week we will continue to learn about Fractions.  Homework will go home this Friday and will be due the following Friday.  We will not be taking weekly facts test anymore however, fact practice will still occur in the classroom.  It is still a good idea to sprinkle in some time at home for First in Math, Prodigy and multiplication.com when time allows it.  
In Science this week we will talk about Natural resources and how they are categorized into Renewable and Non-Renewable.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Noack

Week 17: December 18-22

Week 17: December 18-22
1st Grade Marcos PIzza Spirit Night- Tuesday, Dec. 19th
Holiday Party- Dec. 21st 2:45-3:30 (Parents welcome to attend)
Polar Express day Dec. 22nd (students can wear PJs just bring tennis shoes for PE and recess)
Early Release at 12:50- Dec. 22nd
Holiday Break Dec. 22nd-Jan. 9th  See you all Jan. 10th!
In Math this week we will be working on Holiday Math word problems and will also be reviewing equivalent fractions.  We will create some snowman fraction posters showing fraction equivalences.  There will be no Math homework or fact check this week.
In Science this week we will continue to discuss the importance of soil and how it retains water.  We will also talk about renewable and nonrenewable resources and the importance of conservation.  
I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday break!
Mrs. Noack

Holiday Party info.


Mrs. Noack's 4th grade Winter Party will be Thursday, December 21st @ 2:45 P.M.

Students will be making a craft and playing a fun game!

If you would like to donate party items please visit the link below to sign-up.


Please look for more information in your child's Wednesday folder. I included printed information with an envelope attached for Mrs. Noack's class gift.









Week 16: December 11-15

Week 16: December 11-15

Week 16: December 11-15
Thursday, December 14 - Spelling Bee 9:00am in cafeteria.
In math this week, we are finishing up our unit on algebraic thinking.  We will be reviewing on Monday and testing on Tuesday.  We will begin our fraction unit on Wednesday.  Homework came home Friday (math book pages 515-516 and 521-522, due Friday).  As always we will be doing a fact check on Friday.  This week is mixed multiplication and division.  Please have continue to have your child practice their facts.
In science this week, we will be finishing up our unit on light and thermal energy.  A review sheet went home on Friday for the test we will be having on Wednesday.  We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday.  We will begin our unit on Natural resources on Thursday starting with properties of soil.
I hope you have a great week!