Hi! My Name is Jessica Noack and this is my 16th year of teaching!  I taught 6th grade Math for 3 years and this is my 13th year teaching 4th grade Math and Science here at WCES.  My husband Blake and I have two beautiful children.  Our daughter Gracie is going into 8th grade at Willow Wood Junior High. Our son Grayson is going to be a 4th grader here at WCES!  We have a dog named Ciara, she is a rescue dog and has been part of our family for 16 years now.

We also have a new puppy named Lucy, she is a golden retriever! 


I grew up right here in Tomball!  I went to Tomball Elementary, Tomball Junior High and graduated from Tomball High School class of 2001, go cougs! My 2nd grade teacher Miss Shepperd was my inspiration to become a teacher.  We still stay in contact and send each other Christmas cards each year. 


I went to Sam Houston State University where I earned a Bachelor in Academic Studies and a Minor in Mathematics. I graduated in 2005, go Bearkats! I am also ESL certified.


My goal for my classroom is for students to feel safe and comfortable so they can take risks and ask questions without any hesitations. I want my students to learn as much as possible by being actively engaged and by having fun too!


Contact Information: 

Room #215

281-357-3800 ext. 3500

[email protected]


Conference Time:  9:00-10:00



Reminders for the rest of the year

Dear Parents,
Reminders for the rest of the year:
Tuesday, May 24: Flea Market - Please make sure your child has made at least 10 items for their shop.  Shop signs can be brought in starting tomorrow.  I plan on giving them time in class over the next couple of days. The flea market is a student only event.
Wednesday, May 25:  4th Grade Reverse Clap Out/Step Up Party - I think parents are to start lining up for the reverse clap out right after the 8:40 bell.  Step Up Party is from 10-1.  If your child plans on staying for the rest of the day after the Step Up Party, please make sure they bring a towel, an extra change of clothes, including shoes.  If you plan on checking your child out early, just make sure you have checked with the homeroom teacher.  We are asking that you try to keep visitor to 2 adults per child and no siblings. 
Thursday, May 26: 4th Grade Awards and 1/2 Day (early release at 12:40) - Parents are welcome to attend the awards, please try to limit supporters to 2 adults per child.  Awards start at 9:00.
As always, if you plan on attending anything at the school, please make sure you have filled out the required paperwork.
I have enjoyed getting to know and teaching each on of your children.  Each one holds a special place in may heart and I wish them all the best going forward!  I know they were all meant to do great things!  Thank you for your time and support this year!
Over the summer...
We have spoken with the math teachers at Northpointe to see what the kids need to know for next year.  The main thing that they stressed was multiplication facts, so please make sure your child continues practicing their math facts over the summer.  I know some regression happens over the summer so anyway you could help, would help the teachers and your child next year!
I hope you all have a great summer!

Step Up Party!

The 4th Grade class is ready to say “Farewell” to Willow Creek Elementary

Wednesday, May 25th, 10:00 to 1:00. Fun games & activities, snacks, music, snow cones, ending with a pizza Lunch in the classroom.

VOLUNTEERS We need help running activities!  The district is allowing PARENTS/LEGAL GUARDIANS to attend as a volunteer/spectator. We are limited to 2 PARENTS/LEGALGUARDIANS PER STUDENT, and you MUST sign up BY MAY 18th to participate.  If you are not on the sign up genius, you will not receive a badge on party day or be allowed entry.


Friday's field trip.



Just a few reminders for this Friday's field trip.

  • If possible please have your child wear their class shirt.
  • Please put sunscreen on your child before they come to school.
  • Please don't send any money with them, as they are not allowed to purchase any extra items from the movie theater.  (Each child will have popcorn, drink ect., that you already paid for.)
  • If you would like to take them home from the field trip, I will have to have a signed note that morning, otherwise they will need to come back on the bus with the school.
  • If they are bringing their lunch, please make sure it is in something that can be thrown away.​

Also, if you have signed up to bring some items for Friday, and you are not coming, please send those in tomorrow.

May reminders

Dear Parents,
We have an extremely busy May ahead of us.  I will keep sending reminders and updates as we get further into May.
Monday, May 9 - Willow Creek received an award for model school for Great Expectations.  We will be having a celebration on Monday for this accomplishment.  Please have your child wear their class shirt!  
Friday, May 13 - Will be our 4th grade field trip.  Please have your child wear their class shirt again.  Apply sunscreen and bug spray if needed before coming to school.  Thank you to the volunteers that will be bringing stuff for the kids to do at the park and to those that are coming to help chaperone!
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Market Day!

Dear Parents,
I wanted to answer some FAQ's that have been coming in about the flea market.  The letter went home before Spring Break, but I am attaching another copy for your convenience.
* Students must at least be with a partner or in groups with no more then 4 people.
Each student has to make at least 10 items, how they choose to do that is up to them.  They can do 10 of all the same thing or more than one thing and just 10 total.  They can always do more than 10 if they want.  This is to be done at home.
* Students will need 1 tri-fold or poster board per group for their shop sign.  
This must include: their shop name, what they are selling, and the price they are selling it for.  I told them that if they are      unable to get together outside of school to work on this, that I would give them time the week before to work on it in class.     They will need to bring anything they want to decorate it with, with the exception of markers, glue, and construction paper.  
Just a reminder, this is supposed to be fun and not something you have to spend a lot if any money on.  I have given students a ton of ideas for them to do that won't cost you a dime.  I have had a large variety of different items over the years, from pencil holders made of toilet paper rolls and duct tape to homemade jewelry.  This will all take place May 24th.  I can't wait to see what your child has come up with this year!  Happy making!  :)
Please let me know if you have any questions.   

4th Grade Program

4th Grade Program

Mark your calendar for our 4th grade program, “I Need a Vacation!”
Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Student report time: 6:00 PM-Gym
Program Start Time: 6:30 PM- Willow Creek Cafeteria
Performers' Dress: Students will wear 4th grade class shirt jeans OR speaking part specific outfit.
WCES is excited to welcome friends and family as our 4th graders present their annual program, “I Need a Vacation.” Every child has an important role in this program and has been working very hard. We need your help by getting them the appropriate attire and by encouraging them to practice the songs.  Thank you for your time and cooperation, and we are looking forward to presenting this great program!
 Terri Nelli & Katie Jacobs
 Music Specialists, Willow Creek Elementary

Week 34- May 2-6

Week 34- May 2-6
Tuesday May 3rd - 4th grade music program @ 6:30pm
Friday May 6th - Texian Time Machine all day (rotations to learn about Texas in the olden days)
In Math this week, we will be reviewing previous skills taught to polish up for our upcoming STAAR test. Math homework will be due this Thursday and new homework will come home that day as well. 
In Science this week, we will be reviewing previous skills taught to polish up for our upcoming Science Benchmark! 

Career Day


Career Day

Attention Parents.  We still need volunteers for Career Day.  Please click the link below if you would like to volunteer.

Willow Creek Elementary will be hosting a Career Day on Monday, May 23, 2022. We are looking for volunteers to share their careers and passions with our students. We would love to have a variety of careers represented and encourage everyone to participate who can join us. Volunteers will present for 30 minute segments to Kindergarten through 4th grade students with time for questions and answers within that slot.

To sign up, please complete the form: https://forms.gle/7Dv3fP2CctXL3ZYE6. Volunteers will be contacted with further information. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hamilton: [email protected]

Week 33: April 25-29


Week 33: April 25-29

Week 33: April 25-29
I hope you all had a nice weekend!
In math this week, we will be taking a spiral test on Friday, so we will be reviewing Monday - Thursday.  We are starting to wind down with new material but heavily reviewing previously taught material to prepare for STAAR.  Homework this week is due Thursday and new homework will come home Friday. 
In science this week, we will be finishing up our Units 14 and 15 with a test on Thursday, we will be reviewing all week. Students can take their Science NB home to study if they like. 

End of year activities

The end of the year is fast approaching and we will BUSY!!!
Just some dates coming up:
May 6 - Texian Time Machine (at school, no parents) We have a company that comes, sets up, shows and talks about how people lived in the 1800's in Texas.
May 13 - 4th Grade Field Trip (please return permission slips and make payment if you have not already)
May 17-18 - STAAR Reading and STAAR Math
May 20 - Junior Achievement in a Day (A big thank you to the volunteers) no parents
May 23 - Career Day (contact our counselor Mrs. Hamilton if you are interested in being a presenter) [email protected]
May 24 - 4th Grade Flea Market (I hope that your child has talked about this and has started thinking about or making their products.) no parents
May 25 - Step Up Party (parents welcome)
May 26 - Clap Out/Awards, Last Day of School

Step Up Party

Step Up Party

Good Day 4th Grade Parents,

We have added some additional items to our step up sign up list, our goal is to have a gift card and gift from 5 below, target, dollar store, etc for every kiddo.  We also have some other items being requested for additional booths that we will have at the party. We’d like the items (except coolers, bigger items) brought to school by May 5th attention Stacy Qualls.  Please review and is able sign-up for anything you can, as we appreciate it all and you too!!!  Thank you!




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