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My name is Tiffany Gonzales and I can’t wait to get to know you and your child! I will be teaching your child Language Arts and Social Studies. My partner teacher, Mrs. Shelley Herriman, will teach them Math and Science. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Texas A&M University, College Station...WHOOP! I am certified to teach Early Childhood Education, Gifted and Talented, and English as a Second Language learners. I came to Tomball I.S.D. in 2010, after spending the first five years of my teaching career in Spring I.S.D. I then taught at Creekside Forest Elementary for four years, and this is my fifth year at Willow Creek.

When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Brandon, our daughter, Spree, and our son, Ace; reading, CrossFitting, and, watching football, especially the Aggies and Texans!! I also teach a CrossFit Boot Camp in the mornings at 5:00am! I come from a large family. I am the youngest of five children! All of my family lives in and around Houston, so I also spend as much time with them as possible. I truly love teaching, and I am really looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year!

Communication between home and school is the first step in making this year a successful one. I encourage you to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or just ideas of ways that I can make your child’s third grade year a remarkable one. I strive for every student to feel comfortable, engaged, and important in my classroom. I will keep you updated on your child’s progress regularly, but feel free to contact me at any time to discuss this with me. I am very honored to have your child in my class this year, and I am looking
forward to a year filled with fun, learning, and success stories!

Conference Time: 
Phone: 281-357-3080 X3472
E-Mail: TiffanyGonzales@tomballisd.net

Recent Posts

Happy Friday!

Hello Parents!
Only two more weeks until Christmas break!
In reading, we have been working hard on our poetry unit. We are learning about limericks, lyrical poems, haikus, narrative poems, concrete poems, humorous poems, free verse, and so much more! We are really working on poetry vocabulary such as stanza, couplet, line, and rhyme scheme.
In writing, we are continuing our personal narratives and focusing on making sure that our stories have a plot, transitions, imagery, vivid verbs, strong leads, and powerful endings. But, we can't forget the small stuff like capitals and punctuation! Some of the kiddos are still really struggling with those.
In Social Studies, we are almost done with our cultures unit. The students have been working hard to compare themselves to six different children from all over the world! Ask them questions about these new kiddos that we have "met".
We will not have another spelling test until January 18th. The students will receive their new words on our first Friday back, January 11th, and we will test the following Friday.
A few dates that I know right now are Christmas party on December 20th and Polar Express day is December 21st (pajamas, slippers, pillow, and blanket are all ok on this day!)
A note from Mrs. Standefer about the Christmas party:

If you have not had your ID scanned at Willow Creek for the 2018-2019 school year, you may stop by the campus before December 17th and have your ID scanned to save time waiting in line the day of the event.  Your ID must be scanned each school year. 

Reservations can be made by completing the Google form online https://goo.gl/forms/F5HMBu640ZQw3Zs62 .  Badges will be printed and available at a designated table when you arrive.  Visitors who have not made reservations will need to wait in a very long, time consuming line and could miss part of the event.  No exceptions will be made.

All visitors should be prepared to present a Photo ID even if you have made reservations.  Once you arrive for the event please check in at the designated tables outside.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Gonzales

Happy Tuesday!

Hi There! I hope you all had an AMAZING Thanksgiving break and spent lots and lots of time with family.
We got right back into the swing of things up here yesterday! 
In reading, we have moved on to inferring (also known as inferencing and drawing conclusions). An inference is made when you combine what you already know about the world (background knowledge) with what you see, hear, or read to come up with a smart guess. I have told the students many times that they infer all day long, but they just don't know that they are doing it. They can immediately tell what kind of mood their friend is in by reading their facial expressions and body language. They can tell what the weather is like outside by seeing how people are dressed. Now they are just using those same skills to make inferences about characters and actions in the texts that we read. You can ask your children questions at home about the things that you read together or even things that you see on TV or out in the world. 
In writing, we are continuing our personal narrative work. Our narratives must tell a story and include all elements of plot structure (characters, setting, problem, and solution). We are also working on to be sure that our stories start with attention grabbing leads, use transitions to move from one paragraph to the next, and wrap up with an ending that leaves the reader feeling satisfied with the story. 
In Social Studies, we are beginning our cultures unit. We will learn about different cultures from around the world and discuss how so many cultures also exist within our own communities.
-Progress report grades will be submitted this Friday. You will receive those in next week's Wednesday folders.
-Field trip permission slips were due last week.
-Our Nutcracker ballet field trip will be on Thursday, December 6th. We will eat lunch early that day, so feel free to send extra snacks with your kiddo. Also, we will have to eat lunch in the classrooms, so sending a sack lunch is very much appreciated! Children will be able to purchase cafeteria lunches, but with another grade level already being in there at the time we will eat, the fewer third graders in there, the better!
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Gonzales

Field Trip Permission Slips Due Tomorrow

The Nutcracker Ballet field trip permission slips came home in yesterday's Wednesday folders. If you were not able to get them back filled out and signed today, please do so tomorrow! Thank you for your quick turnaround on those!
Mrs. Gonzales and Mrs. Herriman

Happy Friday!

Woo!! What a WEEK!!!! And we survived!!!
Thank you all for all of the hard work you put in helping with Red Ribbon dress up days, 50th day, the vocabulary parade and the extra work to my homeroom for extra outfits for filming for Call to Excellence. Oh yeah, we threw Halloween in there too! You all were a huge help in making this week successful. Thank you so much!
In my class next week:
Reading: We just wrapped up our traditional tales unit. We are moving into theme and author's message in fiction. Some key vocabulary that we will be focusing on over the next two weeks are: themes, characters, plot, author’s message, author’s purpose, entertain, persuade, inform, homophones, and  multiple meaning words.
Writing: The students just turned in their final drafts of a narrative composition that we have been writing for a little over a week. They worked so hard! I was so proud! We are going to work on a little bit of persuasive writing next week to tie it in with voting. We are going to try and persuade others to vote for us for Classroom President by writing our own campaign speeches!
Social Studies: We will wrap up our branches of government unit that we have been working SO hard on. We will also talk a lot about the voting process since it is election week. Be sure to share with your child your experience at the polls about the actual process. What did you have to do? What did it look like when you were in the voting booth? They will love that information!
Please be sure to return any spelling bee participation slips by this coming Monday, November 5th. I will get your student the study list and we will take our class spelling bee on Tuesday, November 13th.
Progress report grades were submitted today. They will come home in the Wednesday folders. I will be adding more grades online between now and Wednesday. So, as always, for the most up to date grades please refer to your child's online grade book.
Have a great weekend!

Parent Conference Sign Up!

To sign up for one of the spots, just click the link (Or copy and paste it into your browser. Sometimes it doesn't work to just click!). You will see that conference times are limited. So please note that phone conferences ARE available. These are an especially good option for parents that have no concerns about their child's academics or behavior. Just email us directly and we will schedule with you. 
Thank you!
Mrs. Gonzales and Mrs. Herriman

Happy Friday!

We had another amazing week here in third grade!
Next week in class we will be continuing our lessons about plot structure in reading. What are the problem and solution in a story? What happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story? We will carry those elements over to writing as well and be sure to include them in the stories that we have been working hard on this week. In Social Studies, we will also continue learning about communities and the citizens that live in them. Specifically, the idea that everyone that lives in the same community has very similar lifestyles and goals for the community.
Please remember that Friday is a half day, early release will be at 12:50. Then, there will be no school on Monday, October 8th! We will still take our spelling test on Friday. If you know that your child will be absent on Friday, please try to let us know so that they can take their spelling test in advance. Trying to remember those words after a long 4 day weekend can sometimes be challenging. 
You will receive progress reports on Wednesday, so be sure to look for those and sign them, please. As always, grades are online, though. Be sure to check there for any questions you have!
Parent Teacher Conference sign up link will be coming soon!!! We will send it right here, through Edlio!
Please continue to send in Boo Bash donations (link was in a previous post). Thank you for everything you've sent so far!!  
Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday!

Hi Parents!
We are moving along at full speed up here! 
In reading, we have been focusing on characters and the relationships they have and how they change throughout a text. Ask your students if they can identify these things in the texts you read together, or even the shows you watch together. We will continue focusing on that, as well as move into summarizing our texts next week. In writing, we have been working on imaginative stories and making sure that we write with plot in mind. A clear beginning, middle, and end are what make a story interesting to read. We will write a final draft of one of our imaginative stories next week. In Social Studies, we have learned everything there is to know about how America earned her freedom! We will take a Freedom Week test on Tuesday. This will be open note, so there is no need to study at home for this. They are prepared!
Please continue studying spelling weekly and be SURE that your child is reading at least 20 minutes EVERY DAY!!
Some classroom needs:
-cheap/gently used washcloths that can be used as erasers for our dry erase boards
-mints (yes, mints for the kiddos to eat! We use these as rewards but it's also a secret way to wake up their brains!)
-prepackaged snacks (we often have kiddos forgetting their snacks at home, and that can make for a long day. Having some backups on hand would be really nice!)
Thank you all and have a GREAT weekend!!!

Happy Friday!

Hello and Happy Friday!
Just a few notes from us:
Mrs. Herriman's granddaughter, Ella, should be here any time now. She may even have arrived by the time you are reading this!!
Mrs. Herriman and I both need some volunteers to come up to the school and wrap our student INBs (Interactive Notebooks) with clear packing tape. The original sign up sheet at Meet the Teacher stated that we would send the notebooks home, but with how many there are and the weight of them, it becomes almost impossible for students to get them to you. We figured if we could find a time that works for a few parents to come and work together, you could get them knocked out all at one time. If you can help, please email me with days and times that you are available!
Can't come up here and help? No worries! You can send some clear packing tape if you like. We will need several rolls!
Thank you, in advance, for all of your help and support!!
Mrs. Herriman's homeroom, please be on the lookout for Wednesday folders AGAIN TODAY. There were several school papers that were mistakenly left out of the folders, so Mrs. Gullingsrud (Mrs.H's sub) wanted to be sure you got those this week. Please send the folders back on Monday!
Please please PLEASE send headphones for your kiddo, if you have not already!!! Also, if you have a gently used pair that is no longer in use, we will take those too! Several students are still missing headphones. Chromebook activities started this week and we don't want anyone missing out.
Red Ribbon Week dress up schedule (Because if you're like me, you will inevitably have to order something online!!):
October 29-November 2
Monday-wear red
Tuesday-wear yellow
Wednesday-wear orange and black
Thursday-wear red, white, and blue
Friday-vocabulary parade 
Lots more information will be coming home about RRW, especially the vocabulary parade. I just wanted to get the information to you about dress up days!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Boo Bash Info!!
I am SO excited that mine and Mrs. Herriman's classes scored the AGGIES basket this year!!!!! (We have SADLY been the longhorn and even the cowboy baskets before. Gross!) Head over to Willowcreekpto.com to start shopping! Let's make our basket the best! WHOOP!!!