Classroom Behavior Expectations

Our motto in our classroom is the following: "Hard work pays off!"
I'm a hard worker and I expect my students to be as well. I haven't achieved what I have achieved in this life by being lazy, so there is a "Zero Tolerance" for that kind of behavior/attitude in my classroom.

A lot of what we do in class is partner/group work. I am a firm believer that students will benefit greatly by "being the teacher". I tell the kids all the time that the best way to learn something is by teaching it to someone else, whether it be a classmate, a friend, or a relative. With that said, like a fence, we are only as strong as our weakest link.  If someone is making a wrong choice in class by being disrespectful/disruptive/unproductive, they are not only letting me down, but they're letting their partner/group down as well.

Also, I have very high expectations for my students (as well as for myself). If we aren't working hard and being focused, then it slows our class down and makes our time together less enjoyable. No one wants that. So, the following is what will occur if someone in the class is NOT living up to our expectations:
1. A private verbal reminder from me
2. A second reminder? The student will go and retrieve their Wednesday folder from the back of the room.  Then they will place their folder on their desk as a visual reminder to them that they are down to their last chance to NOT get a mark and to NOT get their parents involved.
3. A third reminder? They will place their Wednesday folder on my desk as a reminder to me to e-mail their parent.

As you can see, your child does get lots of chances in class.  So if one day you receive an e-mail that your child received a mark, use it as a teaching tool and have a discussion with them about it.  Everybody makes mistakes and our goal is to learn from those mistakes and continue to grow from them.

1 (E) 0 - 3 marks
2 (S) 4 - 5
3 (N) 6 - 7
4 (U) 8+
The marks are a combination for both classes.  This means if your child has 1 mark from me but 3 from Mrs. Sefcik, they would have a 2 (S) because that would be a total of 4 marks in the grading period. 
[This is not our choice to do the marks this way.  That decision was made at the district level before the 2018/2019 school year began.]  

Why am I telling you all this? To show you that your child's teachers are being fair/consistent and that we are constantly working with them, not only on academics, but also behavior/life skills as well - every ... single ... day.