Dare to Read Club

Dare to Read Book Club - Librarian, Sally Dare


Description:  Students will get a copy of the book to read from the library.  A reader’s notebook or spiral will be provided to take notes.  Students will be assigned pages to read at home. The focus of the club is to build the necessary skills to improve their reading, in a fun and exciting way, to further their love of books!


Days/Time club meets: Book Clubs are offered for 3rd and 4th grades students on Mondays from (8:10 a.m. - 8:40 a.m.)

Requirements (if any):  Must be able to read book pages at home and bring book to book club meetings. Students have a week to read pages assigned and should be willing to discuss their reading with peers.  Parents must be able to provide transportation for their child.


How will participants be selected: All participants in grades 3rd and 4th grades students are welcome.  If for any reason we have too many students registered that day, I will consider having club on more than one day.


Any specials events your club will participate in: None