We would love for you to help in the library!
What are some ways you can help us?
     -Relabel AR red dots on books - over the years our labels fade and we need to be able to read the reading level.

     -Reshelf Books - The kids at WCES love to read, so we have a lot of books that need to be put back on the shelves
      every day. We would love to have your help. A little time goes a long way in the library!

     -Book Fair - Volunteers are needed to help set up, help students with selections, and help pack up the fair.

     -Book Repair - Please join the Book Repair Crew learn the fine art of book repair. No need to sign up, just show up. We
       always need help.

     -Processing Books – When we get new books they go through a long process including stamping the school name, and
       placing AR stickers in the book. We would love your help with this process.

There are several other ways you can help just come on by and ask!