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Welcome Back to School


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January 22-26th

In Class This Nine Weeks:
- Reviewing Paragraph Structure
- Learning the Structure and Qualities of Expository Writing
- The Writing Process (An Expository Essay)
- Editing and Revising Passages
- Reading and Comprehending NF Text
- Reading and Writing Poetry
-Exploration W/Vocabulary
- Colonization W/Vocabulary
-Revolution W/Vocabulary
Students should have a studystack account already set up.  They can login at home to study the flashcards and play games.
At Home:
-Please check planners on Monday nights
-Students should be reading 30 minutes each night. (Encourage some of the reading to be done aloud)
-Editing and Revising HW will be sent on Wednesdays this nine weeks and will be due on Fridays along with the spelling activities
Please be on the lookout:
**** This week we will be sending home in the Wednesday folders-
Valentines List of Classmates
Field Trip Forms
Writing Tutoring Invites (for students who would benefit from extra instruction/practice of writing elements as we head toward testing in April)
The One and Only Ivan, will be handed out at the 2nd 9wks Awards Ceremony on Wednesday.  This is a districtwide novel that all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are encouraged to read this nine weeks.

November 13-17th

It's Almost Thanksgiving Break!
*Students brought home their in-class blue Texas Assessment Preparation book tonight to finish an editing and revising practice passage for homework. Please remind your child to place this workbook back inside their backpack.  We need these at school;)
Tomorrow, November 14th, we will be giving a short editing and revising benchmark.  This will only be taken for a daily writing grade.  We discussed and I modeled today how to answer some of the more challenging types of questions.  Students learned to ALWAYS read above the title to find out WHO  wrote the passage and WHAT they wrote about.  Students then draw an arrow down to connect to the title.  This will help to notice sentences that are OFF TOPIC.  They also learned a little chant to help with testing out whether or not to move a sentence to a new location:  Always read 3 in a row to check the flow!    
Regular homework remains:  -Reading 30 minutes each night
                                                  - 3 Spelling Activities Due on Fridays
Wednesday, November 15th, students will be given a reading test over the drama we have read and will be performing in class for our drama study unit.  Students have the vocabulary for this drama in a studystack at studystack.com.  The test includes comprehension questions as well as vocabulary questions.
Social Studies Research Project:   (Native Cultures of Texas)  
We are beginning research in class this week.  Students may also collect informational facts at home.  The research folders may travel back and forth between school and home in order to record learned facts into the categories we have set up.  Please send back the parent signature portion of the research project information packet ASAP.  
Mrs. Kilpatrick

October 18-20

Students are bringing home their personal narrative ROUGH draft tonight.  Please read over it and initial this piece of writing.  We will be completing the editing and revising of the narrative next week.  Meanwhile, we will have a mini-lesson on use of simile and metaphor as well as a descriptive pumpkin/paragraph writing activity.  These lessons should be helpful as we follow the process of editing and revising to enhance our narratives:)  
The pumpkin activity on Friday begins with decorating a paper pumpkin in class .  Please allow your child to bring in materials from home for decorating such as:
-glitter glue
-craft paper
- pom poms
- foam pieces
- Etc.
Mrs. Kilpatrick

Book Project

Please look for this inside your child's homework folder tonight.  We will discuss this in more detail tomorrow in class.  Students may choose to complete the book project based on our read aloud this nine weeks, The Kid in the Red Jacket  or another realistic fiction chapter book they have recently finished (or are near to finishing).
Mrs. Kilpatrick

September 5th- 8th

Parents and students,
Welcome back to school!  We missed seeing our new students last week due to the flooding.  Please let us know if there are any special circumstances that we should know about concerning your home, family or your child.  This has been so hard on our city and surrounding communities.  Our goal is to focus our attention on reestablishing procedures and beginning the year's curriculum. 
- 3 spelling activities due Friday using spelling list #1.  Students were given one to complete and will choose 2 others from www.spellingcity.com/tomballisd.
- Our writer's notebook was taken home today.  Students were instructed to place 3 to 5 pictures on the front/back cover.  These pictures are to show special people, places, and things in their lives.  The idea is to choose pictures that contain a memory.  These pictures could possibly inspire a personal narrative.  This is due back on Friday as well.
Please email me with any questions:

May 1-5th

We are preparing for the reading STAAR test on May 9th!  Students have been working hard to use reading strategies for success.  The language arts teachers have planned a day where students will pair up to rotate among a variety of reading tasks.   If students work hard, complete their tasks and get most answers correct, they will enter a raffle to win some fun items!  We will be doing our STAAR READING RAFFLE on Wednesday, May 3rd. 
THURSDAY:    Board games and/or chromebooks and READ IN!  Bring pillow.  LIBRARY DAY!
FRIDAY:   TEXIAN TIME MACHINE: Bringing frontier life to school campuses throughout Houston.
End-of-Year In Class  Social Studies Research Project
*Students randomly chose a famous Texan to research.  We  have been collecting information all week and practicing paraphrasing in order to avoid plaigarism.
*  Next week, students will begin building their biographical essays on google slides.  I encouraged students to bring home the notes they have collected this week to share with you over the weekend.  I will send home the rubric for you to look over on how students are being graded. 
* Presentations will be May 15th and 16th.  Part of the project grade is to dress up like the Texan studied for presentation days.  I will send home some ideas:)
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Kilpatrick

April 14th

Parents and students,
I want to clarify what we will be doing in class to prepare for the flea market.  In math class students are learning about financial literacy.  In LA, students are learning about media literacy and advertising techniques.  We will be making our advertisements/pricing signs for our flea market in class.  The items for sale are to be made at home. Please send in  materials for your child to complete this assignment.  We will begin the advertisement boards on Monday, April 17th.
Such As:
Tri-Fold Board
Poster Board
Glitter Glue
Craft Paper


This is the 2015 writing prompt for fourth grade expository writing.  I suggest  that students only look at the essays that were scored at a 3 or 4.  These are the best examples of well-organized and well- written essays for 2015.
Mrs. Kilpatrick

March 7th


Run Wild @ the Creek packets are due this week! 

SPIRIT NIGHT  is WEDNESDAY 3/8 below is the schedule for grade levels. Bring your family out to watch your teacher work McTeacher night at McDonalds! McDonalds is located at the corner of 249 S. & Northpointe Blvd. 


Kindergarten   4:50 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.

First Grade      5:50 P.M. – 6:30 P.M.

Second Grace 6:20 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Third Grade     6:50 P.M. – 7: 30 P.M.

Fourth Grade: 7:20P.M. – 8:00 P.M.


SILENT AUCTION: If you would like to participate in the online Silent Auction, please do so by clicking the link below.  The silent auction will close Wednesday, March 8th at 9:00 P.M.

LINK: http://willowcreekpto.com/product-category/runwild2017auction/


RUN WILD @ the CREEK is THIS FRIDAY!!!!!  We encourage you to dress WILD and in the colors RED WHITE & BLUE!  Parents are welcome to attend and CHEER on their runner!



Third Grade:    9:00 - 10:00

Second Grade: 10:05 - 11:05

Fourth Grade: 11:10 – 12:10

Kindergarten: 12:40 – 1:40

First Grade:     1:45 – 2:45


February 27-March 3rd

In Class:
- Discussing qualities of good writing using benchmark essays.
- Developing another expository essay (A Special Person in My Life -OR- What I am Most Thankful For)
- Edit/Revise Practice Passages W/Quick Teacher Feedback
- Homonym Review Exercises (their, there, they're)
- In Class Novel Reading.  Understanding your story's theme and how to find it.
- Writing a summary.
- New Read Aloud, Johnny Texas
- Finishing up Colonization and Causes of the Texas Revolution
March 2nd- Homonym Review Quiz
March 3rd- Open Book SS Test
This THURSDAY, March 2nd is Family Fit Night @ WCES!!! 6PM - 7PM Please help us spread the word! This is a FREE event! We will have Kara Janak of Camp Gladiator leading workouts and Mrs. Kristie Thorpe Brawley leading Zumba!
Cheer Grams, Signs, and Prize tickets will be available for purchase. Each student that attends receives a FREE Prize Ticket!
Join us in getting FIT with your family!!!!!

Thanks so much.
Happy Mardi Gras!
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
March 7th- Fourth Grade Field Trip to the Natural Science Museum
March 9th- Run Wild at the Creek (Please Return Your Envelope)
March 13th-17th Spring Break!
March 20th-24th Writing Boot Camp:)  CALLING ALL WRITERS FOR THIS MISSION!
March 28th- Writing STAAR Test


Attention 4th Grade Parents


The school year is flying by!  It is time to start preparing for the 2017 Step Up Party!  We have a very special surprise in store for our 4thgraders this year.  We will be hosting our Step Up Party at Life Time Fitness!!  Those of you who are not familiar with Step Up Party, it is a fun filled day to say good bye to elementary school and hello to intermediate!  We are still working to finalize the party date, but it will be towards the end of May.

We are forming a committee to start planning student gifts, door prizes, and event details.  We need as much parent support as possible to make this day a success.

If you are interested in joining the Step Up Party committee, please e-mail Ashley Bearden atabearden@sirsol.com.

Thank you so much for your time and support!



February 6-10th

The link that I shared below is a great resource to use at home as we are heading toward the STAAR WRITING test.  Pages 144-210 are writing skills.  Editing practice are pgs.150-195.  You could print out the entire work book or just the pages you need for practice.  Students are finding out what kind of questions were missed on the writing benchmark.  They could work on practicing the skill that still needs to be mastered.
STAAR released tests are also available to work through in preparation for the upcoming writing test. http://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/STAAR_Released_Test_Questions/
In Class:
-Reading Benchmark Using and Showing Good Strategies for Comprehension
-Looking over the Writing Benchmark from last week
- Using Text Features in Reading.
-Continuing Poetry Comprehension and Writing
- In- Class Novel Reading/Writing a Summary and How a Story's Theme Can            Help us Comprehend a Story Better.
- Continue Study of New SS Vocabulary Terms
- The First Colonies of Texas and how/why/when/where/ & who established them.
* New SS Vocabulary that was sent home in the homework is an ongoing study this nine weeks.  We will test over these terms at the end of the nine weeks (DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED)
* Expository Writing Rough Drafts Go Home For Parents to Look at on Wednesday. (PLEASE RETURN TO SCHOOL)

January 23

In Class:
- In-Class Novel
- Study and Practice/Text Features in NF and How They are Used for Better Comprehension (Quiz- (Daily Grade) on Friday, Jan. 27th)
- Creating a Text Feature on GoogleClassroom! NEW 
- Planning Expository Essay (Rough Drafts go Home Next Week)
- Poetry Study  
- Spanish Missions/Presidios
- Mini-Research on Assigned Mission
- Look for Vocabulary Coming Home in the Homework Folder for STUDY:)
****Vocabulary Test Date Will be in Planners Next Week and Posted on Edlio