All About Mrs. Battista



Week of April 4th-8th

Here's what we are learning this week, and other important information!
Biographies are still the focus.  Most of our time this past week has been spent reading and taking notes.  Hopefully, we are just about done with our research and we're ready to start drafting our report.  Please check in with your child to see if they'll be ready for this step as we won't be having much more research time this coming week.  Along with composing our report, we will be reading biographies and answering questions using text evidence.  There will be a quiz this week after we practice a few days, which will be a daily grade.  Another daily grade will be taken based on their completion and quality of their notes.  
Most of this time will be spent drafting our report from our notes.  I'll model how to sequence what we've written down and turn it into complete sentences using our own words.  We will also be doing some revising and editing with biographies.  
Social Studies:  
As a major grade, we will be creating a tombstone for a famous Texan leader of our choice.  The students will have to write adjectives to describe the person on their tombstone, as well as compose factual and opinionated statements.  Then we'll begin studying the annexation of Texas.  
Book Fair is next week. Our two days to shop are Monday, andThursday.  These are the only days your child will be able to go, so please only send money on those days.
Homework is due Thursday.

Week of March 22nd-25th

Here's what's going on this week.  
Reading:  We are going to be spending a little time on biographies.  First we'll explore features and organization of the genre.  Then the students will select their own biography book, take notes, and complete a research project sharing all they learned about their person.  
Writing:  As we ease back in to writing, first we'll start off on the grammar skill of pronouns.  Once we read our biographies and take our notes, we'll set our sights on composing our report.  
Social Studies:  This week we'll be focusing on the Texas Republic and important people involved in it, and how they changed Texas forever.  
Friday Field Day 9:00-9:45; Run Wild at the Creek 9;45-10:30