About Miss Geiser

I can't believe it, but this is my 26th year to teach...that is over a quarter of a century!  Time flies when you're having fun!
This is my 19th year in Tomball and I love being here. I spent 13 years up on the north side of this district at Decker Prairie Elementary and joined the WCES staff a few years ago.  I have taught 3rd and 4th grade, and all content areas.  

I graduated from Montgomery High school and did my undergraduate work at Sam Houston State University.  I started my teaching career in Cy-Fair ISD where I taught 3rd grade for 7 years, six of which were the Gifted and Talented class.  While in Tomball, I have taught many different populations of students including Gifted and Talented children as well as Special Education students.  In 2016, I earned my Master's degree in Literacy Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.

I love to travel and have been all over the United States and have even made it to a few countries overseas! This summer, I drove with my dog, Buddy, up to Colorado to see my parents for a few weeks.  Buddy LOVES Colorado just as much as his mommy does.  He loved running off-leash in the mountains, loved playing with my parents' dog, Tessie, and LOVED discovering new, disgusting things to roll in!!  Need-less-to-say, he learned what "bath" means.  :)  Kids, you will hear MANY Buddy stories this year!  He is my baby.

I look forward to working with all of you this year.  Thank you so much for letting me teach your child!


Science Test Postponed

Due to the weather day yesterday, we have decided to postpone the Science test until Monday.  We will complete a daily grade over solids, liquids and gasses tomorrow and then review for the test on Friday.  Students have a study guide in their yellow folder to review at home.

Week of September 13th

This week in Miss Geiser's Class:
Math: We will continue learning about comparing and ordering numbers, as well as rounding numbers.  Look for a test review page to come home later this week.  It will be some practice problems for the Unit 1 test which will be next week, probably Friday.  They will take a daily grade this week over comparing and ordering numbers.
Science: Kids received a test study guide last Friday.  Their test over Unit 2 (Matter - measurement and properties) will be this Friday.  We are doing an experiment Tuesday and a daily grade over solids, liquids and gasses on Wednesday.
Parent Information Night is scheduled for THIS Thursday (I typed in the wrong date last week).  All 3rd grade teachers will be presenting at the same time.  This will not be a time for individual discussions about your child.  We plan to send out the presentation slides ahead of time for your review.  Questions should be directed to your child's teachers.  

Week of September 7th

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math - We will continue talking about place value.  Students will be working on a digital place value project (review of first three weeks of learning) that is their 1st major grade.  We will then learn about comparing and ordering numbers.  

Science - Students are taking a daily grade on measuring data that we didn't get to last week and then we are starting to talk about properties of matter.  We will be describing matter in scientific terms when we discuss the properties and then move on to states of matter and how they change.
**Curriculum Night for 3rd grade is the evening of Thursday, September 16th.  All third grade teachers will be presenting the information together in either the gym or cafeteria.  If you can not make it, we will send the presentation slides afterwards so you have the general information.**

Week of August 30th

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math: We ran out of time for the daily grade last week, so we are taking that Monday.  We will continue talking about the value of digits and also get into the relationships of numbers.  Kids have to be able to read word problems even on place value, so we will be practicing those. (Ex:  The 5 in the hundreds place has a value how many times greater than the 5 in the tens place?)

Science:  We will be taking one daily grade for sure (an open note grade over Science tools) and possibly another on measuring matter (which is what our lab the last two days was practicing).
All students have been using Schoology for certain activities in school.  They have the ability to log on at home too and show you what they are learning.  They can not, however, complete graded work at home.  Submissions are time-stamped so we are able to make sure they are done at school.

Week of August 23rd

If you received this via e-mail, thanks for signing up!  I will send out an update about what is going on in class each Monday (or Tuesday if I forget!).
This Week in Miss Geiser's Class:
- Math:  We are starting Unit 1 which is about Place Value.  Vocabulary is important in this unit as we learn between the value and the place of a digit.  We will make sure we can compose and decompose numbers in both expanded form and in expanded notation (new in 3rd!).  We will hopefully start some small group instruction this week.  The kids will have a daily grade on Friday over the learning they practice all week.
- Science:  We are taking a lab safety quiz on Tuesday (daily grade) and then will review science tools.  We will do a lab on either Friday of this week or early next week.  Look for a lab safety contract to come home in the Wednesday folder.  Please sign and return it.
Your child should have brought home their planner to show you.  It has a condensed version of this information.  Look for it each Monday night as a way to keep up with what grades will be taken for the week and if there are any tests or other due dates.
Have a great week!

Your 3rd Grade Teachers
We are looking forward to our upcoming school year!  It feels like we have been out of school FOREVER, doesn’t it?  Third grade is going to be a lot of fun!  We have so much to teach you and you’ll probably even make some new friends.  You also will have a switch teacher this year.  Ms. Nations will be teaching all of your reading, writing, and social studies and Miss Geiser will be teaching you Math and Science.