About Miss Geiser

I can't believe it, but this is my 27th year to teach...that is over a quarter of a century!  Time flies when you're having fun!
This is my 20th year in Tomball and I love being here. I spent 13 years up on the north side of this district at Decker Prairie Elementary and joined the WCES staff a few years ago.  I have taught 3rd and 4th grade, and all content areas.  

I graduated from Montgomery High school and did my undergraduate work at Sam Houston State University.  I started my teaching career in Cy-Fair ISD where I taught 3rd grade for 7 years, six of which were the Gifted and Talented class.  While in Tomball, I have taught many different populations of students including Gifted and Talented children as well as Special Education students.  In 2016, I earned my Master's degree in Literacy Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.

I love to travel and have been all over the United States and have even made it to a few countries overseas! This summer, I drove with my dog, Buddy, up to Colorado to see my parents for a few weeks.  Buddy LOVES Colorado just as much as his mommy does.  He loved running off-leash in the mountains, loved playing with my parents' dog, Tessie, and LOVED trying to catch chipmunks since he is not allowed to chase squirrels in our subdivision.  Kids, you will hear MANY Buddy stories this year!  He is my baby.

I look forward to working with all of you this year.  Thank you so much for letting me teach your child!


Week of November 28th

This week in Miss Geiser's Class:
Math - We will continue our fractions unit.  We will quickly review what we learned before Thanksgiving break (representing, composing and decomposing fractions), then complete a daily grade over that material.  We will then discuss partitioning and start learning about equivalent fractions.  We will end our week in small groups.
Science - Today we took our Science benchmark test.  It will count as a major grade.  We will continue our unit on forces that change the Earth's crust for the rest of the week.  Look for a study guide to come home Thursday.  The test over this unit will be next Friday.
Our learning time will be short on Friday of this week since we will be going to the Nutcracker ballet at Tomball High School in the afternoon.

Week of November 14th

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math: Wrapping up our Addition and Subtraction unit; starting a new unit on Fractions
Science: Beginning a new unit on Forces that Change the Earth's Surface
Have a great Thanksgiving Break!

Edlio Ending Soon

If you receive this "blast", the days of getting them is drawing to an end.  As we explained at Curriculum Night, Tomball ISD has decided to do away with Edlio.  
We have been asked to create a "Parent Communication" folder in Schoology for parents to access.  Ms. Nations and I have both done that.
If you need information about how to access Schoology as a parent, this is what Tomball ISD has put together:  https://www.tomballisd.net/apps/pages/schoology

Week of November 8th

This SHORT week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math: We will be wrapping up our addition and subtraction unit.  We will have a daily grade this week and also be doing a lot of review.  The unit test will be next week Monday.  Math homework is due on Thursday.  It must be IN CLASS on Thursday, not left at home done.  It was sent home last week and I also e-mailed a copy of it to everyone.
Science:  I had planned on giving the Unit 6 test over forces and motion on Thursday; however, due to the 3rd grade program, and the fact that they will be doing a performance in the morning and the afternoon during class time, I am postponing it to Friday, November 11th.

Week of Oct. 31st

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math: We will be practicing multistep problem-solving with addition and subtraction and also looking at how tables of information are used to find numbers to use in problem-solving as well as relationships and patterns.
Many students are struggling with subtraction.  If students do not know their basic addition and subtraction facts yet, solving a multi-step problem that involves regrouping becomes that much harder.  Please make sure your child practices their addition and subtraction basic facts every night at home if they do not have fast recall.  
An optional homework assignment is being sent home today (Monday).  You all can decide if it is something you want to work on at home or not.  I suggest you have your child do the work and talk to you about their thinking.
Science:  We will be learning about forces and motion as well as mechanical energy.  This is a very short unit.  A study guide will be sent home on Wednesday.  The test will be next week Thursday.  We will be doing a number of labs in class that involve the concepts we will be learning about.

Science Test Moved to Friday

We had originally planned on taking the science test tomorrow, Thursday, October 27th.  However, we are about a day behind.  Therefore, the students will be taking that test on Friday, October 28th.
Students were told to take their Science INB home with them today and tomorrow to use as a tool to study.  We have a lot of notes in there - and a grade coming home in the Wednesday folder is based partially on their INB work, so please look over that with your child.  The INB needs to come back to school each day!

Character Pumpkin
Thanks to Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Kinler for making our pumpkin for the character contest!  We loved this book and our pumpkin turned out great!

Week of Oct. 24th

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math: We will be taking a major grade over single step problem solving (it is a mid-unit assessment created by Tomball ISD).  We will then be working on multi-step problem-solving using addition and subtraction.  I am asking the students to continue to use representations like strip diagrams or equations to set us their problem as they read through it.  It is not required, but I hope they will use it because it helps show they understand what they need to do to get to the answer.
Science: We are wrapping up our Light, Sound, and Thermal energy unit.  This week will we focus on thermal energy.  We did a lot of the work when we were studying states of matter so part of it is a review.  We will take a daily grade over these energy types on Tuesday.  The test over the material will be Thursday.  I am also taking a daily grade on their INB and lab write-ups from this unit.
Remember: Picture Day is Tuesday, Vocabulary Parade is Friday
Go 'Stros!!

Week of October 17th

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math: students will be working on computing addition and subtraction problems that come from word problems.  Last week we worked on estimation.  This week, we will use both representation (as we think about how to solve a problem) and estimation (as we ask if the answer we find makes sense with the problem).
I gave the students a quick 3 question "Show What You Know" on Friday to see if they were regrouping/borrowing correctly.  Students will be in small group Wednesday and Thursday because some know it, some made just an error or two and need a refresher, and some need to back up and understand what regrouping is.  Small groups will help me meet all of those needs.

Science:  Last week we focused on sound energy.  We did a lab and took notes on how sound waves travel.  This week we are focusing on light energy and how light travels.  We started an investigation with lasers, flashlights and mirrors on Friday and will finish today.  We will focus on thermal energy next.  A study guide for this material will come home on Thursday.  The test will be next week.
For both Math and Science: students are always allowed to bring their INB notebooks home if you are wanting to review material with them.  However, it must return with them the next day.  We have many notes and practice problems in both.  Please tell your student you want them to bring it home if that is something you are interested in.

Weekend Update

A couple of things:
- Your child received a letter about Clubs yesterday.  The letter wasn't ready for Wednesday folders.  The sign-up has to be completed by October 11th so the turnaround is pretty fast.  If you tried using the link yesterday afternoon to sign up and got an error message, please try again.  The person who created the link has changed the setting.
- Ms. Nations and I are both out of disinfectant wipes.  I know it is not part of the supply list, but if anyone would like to donate some to our classes, we would appreciate it.  We prefer the ones without bleach, but beggars can't be choosers. :)
Enjoy the long weekend!

Week of Oct. 3rd

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math:  We are wrapping up this grading period with a daily grade and a major grade on representing addition and subtraction problem-solving.  The major is scheduled for Wednesday.

Science: Students took their Unit 3 (sink/float, mixtures) test today.  We will begin our Unit 4 material this week.  It focuses on Sound Energy.

Week of September 26th

This week in Miss Geiser's class:
Math - We have started our new unit on solving addition and subtraction word problems.  Our focus first is on understanding how the problem can be represented.  We are not adding or subtracting, yet - just representing.  That could be with a strip diagram (aka part-part-whole chart), base-ten blocks, an equation or a number line.  Look for more information coming home in the Wednesday folder.  We will be taking two daily grades and a major grade over the next two week on this concept.
Science - Last week, we focused on mixtures.  This week, we are focusing on the property of buoyancy.  Students are receiving a study guide today for this short unit.  The test will be next week Monday, October, 3rd.
Progress report grades were submitted last week Friday.  Report card grades will be submitted on Friday, October, 7th.  The quarter was only 8 weeks long.

Week of September 19th

This week in Miss Geiser's Class:
Math: We are wrapping up our unit on place value.  Homework is due tomorrow and we will be completing a test review in class.  The unit test is Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday will be small groups where students will be introduced to our new unit.  They will start with a "Show What You Know" pre-test.
***Please note:  Rounding numbers is a new concept in 3rd grade.  We will continue working on it in our next unit when we use estimation in problem-solving.  If your child is still unsure about rounding numbers, I have a video of what I taught in small groups posted in Schoology, Math, Week 6.  You are welcome to watch it with your student and discuss it.  Many of the students watched it today before they did their daily grade on rounding.***

Science:  We are starting Unit 3 which is more physical properties of matter.  This is a short unit and focuses on Sink/Float (buoyancy) as well as Mixtures.  We are starting with mixtures.  Part of their small group rotations will be doing some hands-on work with separating mixtures with various tools.
Progress report grades are submitted on Friday.

Mid-Week Update - Week of Sept. 11th

I apologize that the week got away from me.  Here is what is happening in Miss Geiser's class:
Math - we are continuing our place value unit and this week we are focusing on rounding.  Rounding is a completely new concept to 3rd graders.  We have talked about it a little when it pops up on warm-ups, but I will be meeting with small groups over the next few days to make sure they understand it.  This will be a skill we continue to practice all year.
Science - we are wrapping up our unit on physical properties and states of matter.  We did a Science lab on Monday and Tuesday that involved melting candy (hopefully you already heard about it!) and completed a daily grade today.  Thursday we will review for the test and Friday is test day.  The kids have had a study guide since last Friday.