I have been teaching for twenty-two years. I have a Gifted and Talented Certification and have always taught GT and/or PAP students. I am also certified to teach ESL students and have enjoyed that as well. I started teaching in Tomball in 1995. After Brandon was born, I was able to stay home with my children for a few years before returning to Tomball ISD. I look forward to working with your child this year!



Spring Gifted and Talented Testing- Grades 1-4

Please click the link below if you wish to refer your student for Gifted and Talented testing this spring. Testing can be stressful for your child, so I encourage you to read over the Testing Information section on my teacher web page before you refer your student. 


Spring GT testing referrals are due by March 5th at 12:00 p.m. We cannot accept late referrals. Permission to Test forms will be sent home after the form is submitted and are due back no later than March 12, 2021. 


Reminder: If your student was new to the district and tested in the fall, he/she cannot test again this school year. ​


Referral Link- Gifted and Talented Parent Referral- Grades 1-4


Spelling Bee Information!!

The District Spelling Bee Planning Committee has taken into consideration the precautions and standards set forth within district COVID Guidelines, the number of students in both Face to Face and Tomball Virtual School instructional settings, and the recent updates to the Scripps Spelling Bee formats available in making the determination to hold school and district Spelling Bees.

Following the district’s guidelines, Willow Creek invites all 3rd and 4th grade students to participate in this year’s Classroom Spelling Bees. This year we will be conducting face to face classroom bees for our Face to Face students and a virtual spelling bee for our Tomball Virtual School students. A letter about this year’s Spelling Bee will be sent home on Wednesday November 4, 2020 to all the Face to Face students. All Tomball Virtual School students’ parents in grades 3 and 4 will receive an email with information coming from Scripps Spelling Bee regarding how to register their student for their virtual Classroom Spelling Bee on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 as well. A classroom winner from each 3rd and 4th grade homeroom will be determined the week of November 16th and those students will participate in Willow Creek’s school Face to Face Spelling Bee on December 10th. Per Tomball ISD District guidelines the Face to Face Campus Spelling Bee will be held after school and parents may not attend. Face to Face students will stay after school to compete and TVS students need to arrive at school on the day of the school bee to compete at 4:15. Students will be escorted to their parent(s) waiting outside of the campus upon elimination.

The district spelling bee is scheduled for Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at the Tomball ISD Administrative Building at a time to be determined later. Only one parent will be allowed to be present with the student in the boardroom.

Our Tomball district champion will then compete in the regional Houston Public Spelling Bee that will be held on Tuesday, March 9. *Due to the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, the 2021 HPM Spelling Bee will not be a live, in-person event and will not have video production. The 2021 HPM Spelling Bee will be in virtual form using the SNSB online test platform.

GT Kids Conference!!!

We are offering a Virtual GT Kids Conference-Cardboard Challenge this year through NuMinds Enrichment. Check out the flyer and sign up quickly if you are interested- the fee is $25. 

Online modules will open for registered students- these modules are asynchronous.

"In this two week challenge from October 26th - November 6th, GT students will learn by manipulating, creating, and pondering in a series of virtual labs/modules inspired by one of our most ancient technologies: PAPER!! November 7th is the live Grand Finale via Zoom!" 

Click on the link below if you are interested:

New to TISD Fall Testing

1st through 4th grade students who are new to TISD this school year are eligible to participate in the fall Gifted and Talented screening. Students transferring from GT programs in other school districts must meet TISD’s criteria for GT services. The deadline for requests is September 25, 2020 at 12:00pm. *If your child was enrolled in Tomball ISD last year, he/she is not eligible for fall testing. There will be another opportunity in the spring.

NOTE: This does not apply to Kindergarten GT Screening. There is no need to request Kindergarten screening since all Kindergarten students are automatically screened midyear. Virtual students will be tested at a centralized location- further information will follow.

Use the link to request fall testing: https://forms.gle/M3T6hWXDr9GqFYvE9

In light of the changes in our district with on campus instruction, TVS and those who may choose to homeschool, we wanted to provide this information in regards to GT qualifications.
A student who has qualifying scores according to TISD protocols and has been receiving GT services in TISD will once again receive GT services upon returning to the district.  No further evaluation is needed.  A student coming from a different district might need re-evaluation or testing according to whether or not current scores meet TISD protocols.  Please note that protocols are re-evaluated each year to be current with the Texas State Plan for Gifted and could change over time.

Resources for Learning at Home

Hi parents! Please check out the tabs on the right- Resources for Home Learning and Virtual Learning Ideas. I will continue to update the list! 

Spring Gifted and Talented Referrals Grades 1-4

The spring testing referral window is now open for grades 1-4. Spring GT testing referrals are due by March 6th at 12:00 p.m. We can not accept late referrals. Permission to Test forms will be sent home soon after the form is submitted and are due back no later than March 20, 2020.
Reminder: If your student was new to the district and tested in the fall, he/she can not test again this school year.

GT Parent Engagement Night

TISD Gifted and Talented Services Information Night 

Thursday, January 23, 2020 6:00 pm-7:00 pm TISD Staff Development Center 1302 Keefer Street Tomball, TX 77375 

If your child is NOT currently receiving GT services, and you have any of these questions, plan to come and learn more! 

  • What are Gifted and Talented services in TISD? 
  • What is the recommendation for the assessment process? 
When do students begin receiving GT services?