Fall Choir Begins September 17th/18th

​Hello Choir Parents!
Choir rehearsals will begin September 17th/18th.
The two confirmed performances are the following:  Christmas on Commerce St.-December 7th and Christmas musical @ WCES-December 12th @ 6:00PM.
  I am looking into other performances and will update as soon as I have confirmation.
Students will attend two morning rehearsals a week that will begin at  7:40AM and end at 8:25AM.  (Either Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Thursday.)
The only after school rehearsals will be to polish program music as performances approach.
 All students will be placed into one of two groups.  The Blue or White group (school colors)  The Blue group will rehearse Tuesday/Thursday at 7:40-8:25 AM and the White group will rehearse Wednesday/Thursday morning at 7:40-8:25 AM. 
In the mean time, PLEASE be on the search for black dress pants. Last year,  I saw quite a few pairs of black deans, leggings, shiny fabric and uniform style pants. Below, you will find a link to Walmart.com: